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  1. It's possible release on the next switch though
  2. Can I request Aced getting punched by John Silver (Treasure Planet)?
  3. usually they did original thing for olympus colliseum and neverland
  4. I hope so. But still KH missing link , verum rex , and then scala Ed caelum. It's like KH lost it's identity. I miss that moment KH 3 still hype based on trailer
  5. She still active at Remind DLC.
  6. In that case I think I agree with Square choice because they never had chance talking face to face before . So handshake was better choice. But after that PLEASE MAKE THEM HUG
  7. At least we got to see them playing on the beach
  8. Hopefully next trailer gave us hype like this. It's gonna be Unreal Engine 5 as well
  9. Coco Star Wars eps VI Princess and The Frog Brave Moana Olympus Colliseum Thats true no way its gummy ship again
  10. Basically me and my friends. But right now I'm getting hype again What's your prediction if you don't mind I asking
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