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  1. I'm really thinking Mickey helping sora in KH2 on the boss fight is more about game mechanic not the plot.
  2. PS4 or Xbox because PC is having crash problem lol
  3. Nomura : Oh no you don't. You have to wait until Kingdom Hearts 5
  4. Annoying monkey , dodging attack and using the their claw
  5. I don't know. With Unreal Engine 5 and positive reception Pirates of carribean KH 3 , maybe it's hard for square enix using 2d movie again. Of course I want treasure planet or even Disney TVA like GF , Amphibia , Owl House. But it's slim chance. It will be more possibility for Pixar movie world or Disney movie 3D or even sequel frozen etc.
  6. It's okay . Try again , in a few attempts I believe you will be able to defeat darkside in no time
  7. Question for people who play KH UX. So for those who brought the medal with real currency now can't be used for the game anymore because the server is closed now?
  8. The hunger for new info KH 4 is just killing me
  9. Oh my bad. I thought it's Disney Japan event
  10. When is the date D23 this year in japan?
  11. Depends. If KH4 manage to give fans satisfaction like KH2 while still keep many mystery unresolved that will be great. If it's like KH3 all over again. Well I don't know. Just wait and see
  12. Sigh... I mean I understand Nomura formula to keep things for future titles because he keep saying letting fans using their own imagination for HC things. Still it's too much if he keeps doing that. People buying the game for 70 $ it's understandable if fans getting mad for mystery unresolved again and again
  13. See? That's what I mean, I won't be surprise if the black box mystery didn't get reveal again on KH4. For future title reference
  14. Before the black box. Is there any confirmation about lost page traitor things? I haven't follow KH UX Who is the traitor? Who had the lost pages? Etc?
  15. That thing is fine by me. Because it's obvious for setting future KH after 3 which is 4. The problem for me was 3 was supposed to be more interaction between character that we were waiting for a long time since era BBS 358 and recoded. Sure Riku and Terra got interaction with DLC but Sora and Roxas lack interaction is slapping to the fans
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