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  1. Ehh It's on the more comedic side of things The KH mangas tend to be, but CoM's manga in particular it's noticeable
  2. Disney owns the IP. Kingdom Heart is a Disney franchise, and Disney can at any time just let someone other than SE make the games. Disney are fairly respectful of Nomura and his team though, and are fairly hands-off when it comes to the gameplay and KH original aspects. Disney's involvement in each world generally depends on if those who worked on the original property are still around, and guidelines offered by them.
  3. Pretty much all of uX's concepts need reiterated to the main cast anyway And very little of uX is actually that relevant in the grand scheme of things Stuff like MoM's plan, Luxu and the Foretellers are going to need introduced to Sora. So we don't need any formal ooc recap And that covers the actual majorly important takeaways from uX
  4. I don't know. Devs early on testing out the summon menu and putting in the name of Bahamut makes a lot of sense, especially if it was before they decided on what summons would appear. Bahamut being there is just a complete odditiy because there's nothing else associated with it, no code or interviews regarding it. Even in KH1 they use the names of FF monsters for Gummi Ships and Heartless KH1 has other pieces of unused content in the files still, so imho it's super odd that Bahamut has nothing beyond a name. So it would have had to be have been so early that they made nothing for it and it never made it past the "hey wouldn't this be neat phase", or it was just for testing
  5. I don't get the point you're making Games have plenty of things that exist in the files that never winds up removed, but also wasn't ever meant to be used properly KH2's Detection Saber comes to mind It was purely to test hit detection
  6. I don't believe the Bahamut being a summon in kh1 is neccassirly true It only exists as Debug text for the summon menu But there's no interviews, concept art, or any code beyond that single line of text It was likely a placeholder for the other summons, only meant to test functionality
  7. Hikari has been remasted and remixed before in the past, it being rerecorded has little bearing on it's use in a KH game
  8. He doesn't have to. But Disney are respectful enough of KH and fairly hands off with its management. They won't do anything beyond merchandising without SE involvement, for the time being.
  9. insomnia is just irl tokyo which is now in KH
  10. Because Disney owns the property, and Kingdom Hearts characters are absolutely allowed to fight eachother lol
  11. But it's something they've scaled back on since Matsuda went Like with the recent Bring Arts figures no longer containing them
  12. Their NFT projects have done fine in Japan They got backlash from westerners, but stuff like Million Arthur did completely fine
  13. A lot of what you've probably heard is fear-mongering. SE has had it rough with releases like Avengers, or Babylon's Fall (Though they weren't developed by SE). The major thing is that FFXVI did really well, but it didn't do enough to win over shareholders after stuff like Babylon's Fall or Forspoken SE is still doing completely fine
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