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  1. I WANT HIS SHOES BACK young xehanort x sora dont google it it is as bad as it sounds its not like "theyre in love" kinda ship was looking for a new profile picture and one of the links was a pintrest link and i scrolled down and regretted having eyes
  2. Why are Sora’s shoes so big His run is so wacky cuz of it
  3. now lets be honest 99% of drivers are idiots and are gonna hit not the driver
  4. Kh2: has Sora cutting a building in half Kh3: doesn’t have Sora cutting a building in half Therefore kh2>kh3
  5. Why didn’t Regis put air defense infrastructure in Insomnia to shoot down the imperial aircraft? Is he stupid?
  6. Random thing I was bored and I made a destiny islands hoi4 mod and I need to add characters as generals recommend some
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