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  1. I hope this game gets more of a draw than Harry Potter Wizards Unite. That was a fun game until Niantic killed it. I mean Jurassic Park Alive is still going. Maybe KHML will last longer since it’s their IP. Dragonquest Walk is still going strong right? But only in Japan. 😔
  2. YASSSS! As a child of the mid 80s early 90s I approve.
  3. We keep waiting! 😂 September, still technically Summer! I’m hoping we get something by then. Or if it’s a week or two after
  4. I bet we’ll get some news around D23 in August
  5. https://tenor.com/view/street-fighter-bison-chun-li-but-for-me-tuesday-gif-17668417
  6. I haven’t been checking on this game and someone already has closed beta footage on YouTube. I feel like marketing will be minimal on this game of they’re doing a fall release. It will be late fall, like November late. It’s already mid July.
  7. I hope more people play the KH than there are people in this Discord. Missing Link will need all the support it can get. So many location based games don’t survive, sad times!
  8. Was just watching videos from last month. I was about to buy some stuff for Hearthstone or Snap and was like nope! Time to start saving for missing link! They were off with June, I bet it will be a fall or winter launch. The Deadpool pass in Marvel Snap almost got me. It’s frustrating missing so many cards to make viable decks if you don’t play super often.
  9. Anyone get to play the Missing Link beta or did they kick it back again?
  10. https://www.square-enix-games.com/en_US/documents/kingdom-hearts-missing-link-closed-beta-test-overview
  11. Well, have fun testers! Makes me wish I was on Android
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