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  1. guys do we have something to keep track on how many heartless we killed ?
  2. Hey everyone ! I need your help ! I have recently reach Sköll, the final boss of Frozen world, the boss has an attaack who he speen to create a sphere of darknesse and we have 30 sec to destroy that sphere, to stop that sphere you need an action attack, but unfortunatly i don't have this action atack who appareas in the last second of the timer, can you help ? is this a bug ? Is it a pround code i need to desactivate ? i don't understand why the action attack doesn't work..... Link of the clips of my situtaion ( sorry for the sound of my controller being destroyed ) : https://medal.tv/games/kh-iii/clips/1YEw5pDw20nQAw/d1337dr6sgmB?invite=cr-MSxsYkksMTk3MDU5Mzc4LA Link of a normal situation : https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkx-TKLADfTlW0F5b5zS6wSqOBXpMBscP2g?si=UQEUi12YrWC7z6jU
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