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  1. WElcome to the Missing link waiting room! would want something to drink?
  2. We need to fight back so they can ignore us even harder
  3. https://x.com/Xeonzx2/status/1811080678168990009 like this post
  4. Missing Link: the missing link 2 prequel to "the link is missing"
  5. This. I like that Its hard with kingdom hearts tho
  6. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired also where missing wink
  7. Dear square, Giv mising lingk recive maney? Give game pls? Thank you -a kh fan
  8. Bro where the firetruck is this game
  9. People often overlook that a vocal minority can seem disproportionately loud. Only when a significant portion of your player base raises a specific concern should you consider addressing the issue. Some individuals believe that Nomura should not remain as a game director; however, does this mean he should step down immediately from his role? Concluding that the fanbase is hard to satisfy is, in my opinion, incorrect. The focus tends to be on the 1-5% who are complaining, while the 95% who bought the game and either said nothing or actually liked it are often ignored. Negativity, for whatever reason, is what tends to stick. You will always have a group who complains it doesn't matter which medium there are people who whill be overwhelmingly negative about it.
  10. It would be actually pathetic if they drop it this winter when its getting cold
  11. Kingdom Hearts we miss you Link Next monday for sure guys Square need to make up for that and support the game for at least 10 years no 20 years 30!
  12. i am calm. Its just plainly weird why they announcet it in the first place 2 years before realese maybe 3 now
  13. Watch them postpone it to next year 🙂 But nah next monday for sure guys Before i die i want to know what it actually is that they are taking so long. Are the developers overworked and cant keep the deadlines because square is refusing to pay more developers or is it just the marketing team which are just stalling so they can get payed for the stalled time Then there is premium nintendo who are constantly trying to show games only then when it is actually soon to be rdy to realese Its just trashy ngl square is extremly shit with their game announcments.
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