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  1. oops is there no way you can verify it goes to the official kh twitter giveaway?
  2. 7 years since kh3 (corresponding with 13 years between kh2 and kh3)
  3. yeah fair but he did like... create the thing that possessed him? because it wasn't just insanity. there was an actual dark being and they just kinda merged towards the end
  4. not exactly_ possessed but he went insane and i guess... i don't want to _say it's a split personality thing but it was sort-of a split personality thing?
  5. i will rant i know 3 thank god for damo and everglow they are keeping us alive
  6. you see the khux fandom is a dying one 😔 i literally prefer its over the mainline games lol so if anyone is willing to listen to me at all?
  7. i mean i spent 10 hours over the course of 3 weeks explaining it to a friend because i'm obsessed it's unhealthy
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