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  1. hey guys i recently noticed something about kingdom hearts that is very interesting and wanted to discuss it all with you here. so i have been playing kingdom hearts since 2002 when it came out and it has been my favorite video game series ever since i first played it. ive plyed it multiple times over the years. now it just so happens that im also a huge fan of a japanese manga series called "Berserk" it is a mature, horror, dark fantasy manga created by the late kentro miura. at first i didnt relize any similarity between these two series but after a few years of being familiar with both series i suddenly noticed that they are both indeed very similar. now you know how they say that every disney movie is based on a much older and darker fantasy? well wouldnt it be likely that the same is true for the popular disney video game series kingdom hearts as well? so the first thing that i noticed about both series that were similar were the characters Griffith and Riku. now it is true that both characters look alike with their white hair a blue eyes but its not because of this that i noticed the similarity between these two characters if it was i would have noticed it right away. aside from their looks both are literally the same person. both are the leaders and highly respected amongst their peers. they both are highly ambitions and have a dream that inspires their friends to help them achieve it. Griffith's dream is to acquire his own kingdom despite the fact that he is of common birth he dreams of becoming apart of the world of nobility and escaping the world of the commoners however in order to do that griffith needs a vessel much like riku riku's dream is to escape the tiny island he was born on an reach other worlds beyond his horizon so in order to do this riku contructs a raft which he names "highwind" with the help of his friends upon which he will sail upon the seas to achieve his dream of reaching a new world. Griffith's vessel is much different however. being of common birth the only way Griffith can accomplish his dream of becoming a king he must work his way up from the bottom and so he creates a mercenary band which he names "the band of the hawk" the band of the hawk if the vessel that Griffith must use to reach his dream of having his own kingdom. through his many battles and victories the many bodies of his enemies and comrades pave the way to his kingdom with griffith being told to pile more bodies to walk on to reach his dream. an eclipse in both series opens the door to darkness and unleashes dark creatures upon the world called "heartless" and "apostles" respectively both creatures are born of humans who have "fallen to the darkness" so to speak next is kairi and casca. they also look very similar to one another and have a similar haircut as well but apart from this their character arcs are almost identical. on the night of the eclipse both characters lose apart of themselves due to the trauma of that night. Casca loses her mind and kairi loses her heart both characters become a shell of their former selves and the hero of both series goes on a quest to restore them to their former selves
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