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  1. Stuff is starting to lay on the floor to much farming for synthesis items To much farming Maybe lol
  2. Is that to much mp lol Then there is this sora I had some atk up so it at 45 now
  3. Caused a saved loop or somthing lol
  4. There giving me 11000 in back payment for missing on the new plan I got moved to not sure how it works my sister set it up for me Gonna upgrade my pc and get a vr ar headset and give the rest to my sister so we can move into a new house so I can get my dog max back from my uncles
  5. No ssi Income I got moved on a new a plan when my father passed away so I am getting back pay and using 2000$ of for tech stuff
  6. Never in my life have I had my own place I haven't know that kinda freedom
  7. I wish I could pay rent I live with my sister
  8. I haven't had a job my entire life And some how I am getting a meta quest 3 next month
  9. Disabled living I don't get to work enjoy being able to work
  10. I am a same but I am stupid so it take me slightly longer to do I am just embracing my stupidness and enjoying life
  11. I just bought mine like 2 weeks ago give time to catch I am lazy on achievements
  12. I can say hello how are you in Chinese that it lol And involves some thinking Also my donland mp is stacked lol If only he had mp gift
  13. Also Chinese but that I haven't figured out yet I also play paino for fun when I bored lol
  14. OK Well it appears I am learning some Spanish then I wasn't sure if I was learning I like test my self I am Multi language I am learnjng to speak Spanish and Russian and others for gun Fun And Latin incase it comes back
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