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  1. My god That was the hardest thing ever
  2. Just cheesed the hardest boss in kh2 feeling good Kh4 leaks plsss
  3. Just beat sephiroth in kh2 Surprisingly he was easier than I thought Either that or I was 2 op
  4. And holy shit That made kingdom hearts the best story bro
  5. I just finished watching the 358/2 cutscenes that are in the 1.5+2.5
  6. I finally beaten all of the data orgs
  7. Chat I’m so close to finishing the data orgs Only xenmas xaldin and vexen are left
  8. But alr beat zexion Genuine torture hope nobody goes through it Thank you tho
  9. Holy shit the luckiest thing ever happened
  10. Dude I’m losing it I’m fighting data zexion and sora just refuses to do a combo finisher on that stupid book
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