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Ismael Ramirez

[SECOND] KH13, 2.8 Contest Entry! [tag: waytotheWIN][Wayfinders]

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Hello everyone!!!

Here is my second entry for the KH 2.8 Giveaway contest. This week, I will be posting one of my entries every day--each getting more and more intricate than the last! Make sure to look forward to each day's entry! You can also look for my posts with my tag "waytothewin" (inspired by my favorite name for a keyblade and by my hope to win).

For day 2, please enjoy these two hand painted Wayfinders

- 3D Printed Wayfinders (DISCLAIMER: I did not print them, they were gifts)

- Blue/Red/Gold/Silver/Pink acrylic

- Bracelet thread

Some notes: The goal was to make these translucent. One of them is called DawnBreaker and was intended to evoke the sunrise. The other is called Oceana and is meant to evoke the ocean/ocean depths. Try to guess which one is which and let me know which one you like better!


A link to my previous submissions:

Day 1: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/102932-first-kh13-28-contest-entry-tag-waytothewin/?p=1908843

Let me know what you think! Also, I am happy to answer any questions!
Thank you for your consideration.






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