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Alicia Maddox

The 30 Day Anime Challenge

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Hello, we you like to play a game? :P

So it goes like this. Follow the list for 30 days, and on the said day, post your answer to the question on the list. xD I is knot gude at 'spaning thingz, so let me show you. :P

I'm on day 1: First anime I watched-Speed Racer.

Then I come back tomorrow and post for the second day question: Favorite anime I've watched so far-FairyTail. :P

Everyone got it!? Lets see if this works!






Well, I missed a few days on my own game. xD

Day 4: Favorite female anime character. That's a tough one. xD Like, a REALLY tough one. My mind keeps coming back to Erza from FT, so I'll choose her. :P

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