[9-29-17] HD Xion EX Deal, Bonus Jewel CP, Star Athlete Avatar Boards

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Until October 8th at 23:59 PT, the Xion EX Deal will be available! While the powerful HD Xion EX medal is not guaranteed within any set number of pulls, Final Boss Xion is guaranteed within 5 pulls! Both medals have a BGM track that will play on the Home Screen when set as a partner medal. 

Each pull guarantees at least one Tier 4+ medal with 1-3 ability dots already filled. If HD Xion EX or Final Boss Xion are pulled, they will arrive with 3 ability dots filled. Both medals may have a Status Bonus as well.

HD Xion EX: Reverse/Magic // Tier 6 Guilt // AoE // 3 SP Cost // atk+1 & Matk+5 for one turn, enemy def-1 & Mdef-3 for one turn, stronger with more HP, 3 hits

Final Boss Xion: Reverse/Speed // Tier 6 Guilt // AoE // 4 SP Cost // enemy def-2 for two turns, stronger with more SP, one hit


For Jewel purchasers, until October 3rd at 23:59 PT, a Bonus Jewel Campaign will be in effect:

Jewel Package // Campaign Bonus Jewels // Campaign Bonus Skip Tickets (Normal Amount ⇛ Campaign Amount)

100 Jewels // +10 Jewels // 0 ⇛ 0

540 Jewels // +10 Jewels // 2 ⇛ 4

1,700 Jewels // +50 Jewels // 7 ⇛ 14

2,400 Jewels // +100 Jewels // 10 ⇛ 20

6,600 Jewels // +400 Jewels // 25 ⇛ 50

14,700 Jewels // +1,300 Jewels // 50 ⇛ 100


Lastly, the Star Athlete avatar board sets will be available for 2500 Jewels each until October 12th at 23:59 PT. The Sports Bracelet avatar part grants a +3 Skill Perk.

Contents of the boards are as follows:




Star Athlete

Sports Bag

Sports Bracelet (Skill Perk +3)



Star Athlete

Sports Bag

Sports Bracelet (Skill Perk +3)



 6★ Chip x 3

 6★ Dale x 2

 6★ Cid 10 x 1

 6★ Magic Mirror x 5

 5★ Magic Broom x 1



 Defense Boost IV x 1 (6★ Scrooge)

 ATK B IV Max & GA II x 1 (6★ Scrooge)

 ATK B IV & AP+ & Lux+ x 1 (6★ Scrooge)



 Power Gem x 1

 Title: Baseball (in male avatar board only)

 Title: Soccer (in female avatar board only)




So, will you be pulling for either Xion? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Images from this update can be viewed below.


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Despite the magic broom, I'm gonna give these boards a hard pass. We got better skill perks for the hand area (KH2 Sora and Kairi boards), and we've had DB4 and AB4+SP2 before. The only new skill is AB4+AP+Lux, and that's not all that enticing, to be honest.

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Mercy'd for FBXion; no EX, as I totally squandered my luck on the previous two =P. But FBXion will be a good medal to have for a while.


I was originally planning on double mercying, but given the rush of these banners, I'll hold off, unless it's paired with a REALLY good HSC medal.

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