Mimic type medals?

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Hi everyone, quick question here before I attempt the current pull with the new Sora. The guaranteed medal you get from the deal "HD Antiform Sora" is a mimic character like Xion for power. I am still confused if it matters what color the mimic character is when put into a keyblade line up as they will just mimic the following medal right? Now I tried to test this with putting my Power Xion before one of my stronger speed type medals and when it mimicked the medal it did near no damage even though my Xion is equipped with a Attack Boost 4 Max and has increased strength. 

So my question is does it matter what type ie (Power, Speed, Magic) the medal type is when it is one that mimics the following or before medal like Xion or this new Sora?? Just trying to consider if trying to get this new Sora would help my green line up or if it is not really worth it.

Thank you for your help and wisdom!  :)

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The copy medals type matters because of the keyblade slots: for example if you put an HD Xion at the end of the Darkgnaw she will get a ×3.0 boost. The medal copies the effects, multiplier and type of another medal's special attack, but it will get no boost if it is not set in a proper slot.

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