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SSB Movset: Funky Kong

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Hey guys, I’ve decided to pick up on making SSB movesets. Today’s candidate is none other than the radical Funky Kong! I chose Mangrove Cove from Tropical Freeze as his stage because it suited his surfer disposition.


(If anyone’s wondering why I put you-know-what as the last two songs for Mangrove Cove, it’s because I felt like it.)




Intro: Jumps out of the plane cockpit from the beginning of Tropcial Freeze.


Notable Palette Swaps: His design from the Donkey Kong Country TV show.


Special Moves:


B : Surfboard Twirl; riding his surfboard, Funky will twirl it in 360’s, be he on land, water (where he moves faster), or in the air. This can be done in an infinite amount of times in succession by holding down B, which is useful for gliding back to the stage after a launch.

B + Forwards : Roll; Funky will roll himself forwards. If he stops right before he rolls into the water, he will jump onto his surfboard afterwards.

B + Up : Corkscrew; Funky will perform a corkscrew that launches him a fairly far distance. He can’t change direction mid-launch, but he can choose which direction (of all 8) to go in.

B + Down : Whirlpool Dunk; Funky will spin his surfboard like a whirlpool, jump off for a second, then slam it on the ground, launching anyone in the radius upward (the B button must be pressed several times in succession to work). If anyone remains directly under Funky’s surfboard when he slams it, they will be launched extremely far, especially when the move is used in a watery environment.


Final Smash: Cranky Gum Bomb-Bomb; Funky will bust open the barrels containing Dixie’s gum and Cranky’s cane, hop on said cane, and then chew and spit out said gum (which blows up like a bomb), and then finishes by spitting the gum upwards and letting it rain down.





1: Funky will hop on his surfboard pretending to surf, and then yell “yo-yo!”

2: Funky will lay on his surfboard on his side and point his left index and middle fingers out like a gun.

1+2: Funky will set his left foot down and exclaim “yee-hee-hee!”




1: Funky Kong will jump in the air doing a 360 somersault and landing on his back by accident, and then sit back up.

2: Funky will his surfboard up and then catch it with his left hand while flexing his right arm.

3: Funky will be adjust the camera a bit, then strike a pose next to his shop stuff from the previous DKC games.


Icon: The DK initials for Donkey and Diddy Kong, respectively.


Victory Music: A surf-style remix of Donkey Kong’s SBB64 and Melee victory themes.


Kirby Hat: Funky’s bandana and glasses. There will be a .85 second delay between Surfboard Twirls, so you can’t hold down the B button like you could with Funky.


Stage: Mangrove Cove


Related Music:

Mangrove Cove (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze)

Stickerbush Symphony~Freeze-Brawl Mix (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest)

Bramble Blast (Brawl)

Funky’s Fugue~BW Ver. (Donkey Kong Country)

Kongo Jungle~Genesis Ver. (Melee)

DK Jungle~Remix (Mario Super Sluggers)

Kongo Jungle 64 (Original Smash)

Angel Island~Genesis Mashup (Brawl)

Rhythm and Balance…for White Jungle~Jazz Mix (Sonic Adventure 2)

Rhythm and Balance…for White Jungle (Sonic Adventure 2)


How’d you like it, my fellow dudes?

Edited by lollygagger19

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