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[3-12-18] VIP Quests, Pooh Booster Challenge Quests, Union Cross, Falling Price Deal

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For VIP Purchasers this week, VIP offers: four Toon Santa Roxas medals and a bonus 1400 Jewels, another KH3 King Mickey EX medal (third of seven chances), six Gems (two Power, two Speed, two Magic Gems), and seven Mirrors.

Toon Santa Roxas: Upright/Speed // Tier 7 Guilt // Single-target // 0 SP Cost // for one turn: Upright atk+1, atk & PSM atk+7, does not affect enemy countdowns, 3 SP recovery. 6 hits.


Until March 18th at 23:59 PT, Challenge Quests for Winnie the Pooh Boosters will be open! There are a total of 10 quests, and rewards include the Pooh Booster and 1000 Jewels. The Winnie the Pooh boosters buff Power medals until March 31st at 23:59 PT.


During this same time period, Union Cross offers the Donut Cap pet part! There are a total of five Cross Boards available, three of which are open from the start. 30-minute Bonus Times are at:



4:00 a.m. - 4:29 a.m. (PT) / 11:00 to 11:29 (UTC)

10:00 a.m. - 10:29 a.m. (PT) / 17:00 to 17:29 (UTC)

2:00 p.m. - 2:29 p.m. (PT) / 21:00 to 21:29 (UTC)

7:00 p.m. - 7:29 p.m. (PT) / 2:00 to 2:29 (UTC)

11:00 p.m. - 11:29 p.m. (PT) / 6:00 to 6:29 (UTC)




A Falling Price Deal featuring Illustrated KH Riku EX and the The World Ends with You Art 2 medals is open until March 19th at 23:59 PT. Illustrated KH Riku EX is guaranteed within 15 pulls and will arrive with 5 ability dots filled. Each pull otherwise guarantees at least one Tier 6+ medal with 1-3 ability dots filled, along with 3 Mirrors. 

Illustrated KH Riku EX: Upright/Magic // Tier 7 Guilt // AoE // 2 SP Cost // for one turn: enemy Upright def-2 & M def-7, stronger with more HP. 3 hits.

The World Ends with You Art 2 (includes BGM & artwork): Upright/Power // Tier 7 Guilt // AoE // 4 SP Cost // Upright atk+1 for two turns, stronger if more LUX has been collected that stage, 4 hits.


Images from this update can be viewed below. Have you tried your luck yet?


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Thanks for informing us about this, Faemarch!


Well, I'm gonna keep saving up Jewels, cuz the game's second Anniversary is coming soon, and I wanna save up for any potentially big deals and surprises that may come from the Anniversary!  AND WHERE ARE MAH STORY QUESTS!? D:

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