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Anybody Wants to Join a Team in Vulpeus Union?

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Hey y'all how's it going. The reason why I'm created this discussion is because I was wondering if there's anybody looking to join a team? If you are than you can join my team call "Black Panther." So far I only have one member in my party but I don't know it will last. Anyway, if there's anybody who feels lonely or needs help to form a party and go on missions to get new 100x jewels or hasn't gotten any new members yet than you can join my team. Everyone is welcome to join my party. Whether you're higher level or a lower level it doesn't matter because we can all help each other to go on Union Cross missions together and help each other to get new 30x or 100x jewels. Heck if you want you can just join my team so you won't feel lonely. I'm totally okay having members who don't want to feel left out, especially new players who just started playing Union x. My party may not be special but I'm open to have anyone on my team. If you join my party we can talk about a lot of stuffs like movies, TV series, novels, manga, anime, video games, and of course Kingdom Hearts! So if there's any old or new players looking to join a team feel free you join my party. My team is call Black Panther and I'm from the Vulpeus Union. My Avatar's name is Bronz. If you guys have any questions please reply or message me okay. Peace!

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