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[5-13-18] The XIII Falling Price Deal, Lexaeus' New XIII Event

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Today the XIII Falling Price Deal returns with the Lexaeus [+] medal!


Starting today and ending May 21 at 11:59 PM (PT) This deal guarantees 10 medals, at least 2 tier 7 or higher medals and the rest being a 5 star or higher rarity. Also, you are guaranteed to get Lexaeus [+] within 5 turns and pre strengthened to 5 special attack dots! As a bonus, three magic mirror medals will also be included!


Tier 7 medals you can earn include;

- Hercules B

- Yunna Rikku & Paine

- HD Pete

- HD Armor of Eraqus

- HD Final Form Sora

- HD Vanitas


Not only that, but you can get Trait Medal #16 from this deal AND from the new XIII Event! The trait medal will allow you to unlock a trait and fill a special attack dot for Lexaeus [+]!


The deal is Falling Price which means from the fifth pull onward, it will only cost 1,900 jewels!

1st pull- 3,000

2nd pull- 2,500

3rd pull- 2,200

4rth pull- 2,000

5th pull and higher- 1,900




From today to May 24 11:59 PM (PT) face off against Lexaeus for rewards!


13 quests will be available to challenge Lexaeus for prizes such as jewels and even Trait medal #16! This trait medal can fill a special attack dot and give a trait to the new Lexaeus [+] medal. But be warned, Lexaeus grows stronger with each fight! If you are able to over come all 13 fights, you will earn a total of 5,000 jewels and 5 Trait medal #16's!



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These pulls have been absolutely brutal for me so far - it always takes the full five pulls for me to get the medal that I want (for example: the stained glass Ventus/Vanitas medal) 

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