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[12-25-18] Seven avatar boards return, PVP ranking rewards revealed, Sven doll log-in bonus from Santa

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Santa's coming on his sleigh gifting all keyblade wielders Sven Dolls for Christmas! As a special log-in bonus for Christmas, from December 25, 2018 (4 AM PT) ~ December 26, 2018 (3:59 AM PT), receive a Sven Doll avatar part with a Raid Boss perk +5! This gift is only available during the period of the log-in bonus, so don't miss out! 

From December 25, 2018 ~ January 7, 2019, seven avatar boards will be returning! The avatar boards returning for this period will be KHIII Sora, KHIII Kairi, KHII Hayner, KHII Pence, KHII Olette, Gallant Starlight, and Gorgeous Starlight! These boards will be back for a limited time and will be 1500 Jewels each! Perks included in the avatar boards listed:

  • KH III Sora: Gloves (Skill Perk +8) 
  • KH III Kairi: Bracelets (Skill Perk +8) 
  • KH II Hayner: Wristband & Bat (Skill Perk +8) 
  • KH II Pence: Camera (Skill Perk +4) 
  • KH II Olette: Necklace (Skill Perk +7) 
  • Gallant Starlight: Hat (Skill Perk +9)
  • Gorgeous Starlight: Hat (Skill Perk +9) 

The final PVP ranking event of the year is here and the rewards have been announced for December 25, 2018~December 31 2018! Increase your number of tries by purchasing the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza! 


1st 10,000 Jewels
Title: 2018 Champ
2nd ~ 10th 6,000 Jewels
Title: 2018 Top 10
11th ~ 50th 5,000 Jewels
Title: 2018 Top 100
51st ~ 100th 4,500 Jewels
Title: 2018 Top 100
101st ~ 500th 4,000 Jewels
501st ~ 1,000th 3,500 Jewels
1,001st ~ 1,500th 3,400 Jewels
1,501st ~ 2,000th 3,300 Jewels
2,001st ~ 2,500th 3,200 Jewels
2,501st ~ 3,000th 3,100 Jewels
3,001st ~ 4,000th 3,000 Jewels
4,001st ~ 5,000th 2,500 Jewels
5,001st ~ 7,000th 2,000 Jewels
7,001st ~ 10,000th 1,000 Jewels
10,001st ~ 15,000th 500 Jewels
15,001st ~ 20,000th 300 Jewels




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These boards aren't nearly as outdated as previous returning boards, which is nice. I'm not sure they have all that much that's really "needed" but what they have is pretty good. If I recall correctly, I believe the Hayner/Pence/Olette boards have Def Boost 4 Max, so that's definitely worth investing in.

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