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[1-18-2019] Limited Gauge Challenge, Enhancement Support Quests, High Score Medal Deal

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Until January 24th at 23:59 PT, the Limited Gauge Challenge quests are open! Clear these five quests for rewards such as Mirror, Broom, and Huey & Dewey & Louie medals. Note that you'll only be able to use medals with an SP cost of 4 or higher.

During this same time period, the Enhancement Support event quests are here as well. Clear the objectives in these five quests for the following rewards:

6★ Cid x 3 
5★ Huey x 3 
5★ Dewey x 2 
5★ Louie x 3 
5★ Chip x 1 
5★ Dale x 1 
6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie x 2

Lastly, the High Score Medal Deal is open until January 21st at 23:59 PT. Each five-medal pull guarantees a 6* High Score Guilt Tier 8 medal and a Mirror:

Medal Attribute SP Cost Ability Max Multiplier
6* Boss Xemnas Reversed/Power 9 [Target: Random] Deals 4 hits. x27.72
6* Zack B Reversed/Speed 9 [Target: Random] Deals 4 hits. x27.72
6* Sora & Simba Upright/Speed 9 [Target: Random] Deals 4 hits. x27.72
6* Illustrated Timeless River Sora Upright/Speed 7 [Target: Single] Deals 3 hits. Damage+: 1 enemy or 0 parts left. Next Medal turns Speed. x15.58~27.13
6* Vivi B Upright/Magic 7 [Target: Single] Deals 3 hits. Damage+: 1 enemy or 0 parts left. Next Medal turns Magic. x15.58~27.13



Images from this update can be viewed below. How will you pass the coming weekend?


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The limited gauge quests were pretty easy, though that's mostly because a lot of the more recent medals have been 4+ gauges. If you're worried about not having general attack buffs or general defense debuffs, I would recommend pulling from either the Beginner deal or the current copy medal banner. There's a chance that you'll get the T3 Beagle Boys medal (a very good chance, if we're being honest), and that is a backwards copy medal that costs 5 gauges. It'll result in you only getting +5 gauges when copying a Kairi or Xion buffer, but it's worth it to get the buffs.

Really? We couldn't even get 6* Chips and Dales? Just 5* versions? (Not to mention it's just one of each...)

The High Score banner might look good, but remember that these medals only come at 6*. That means that they're basically unusable for PVP, let alone for other events. And they're T8 medals, so it may take you some time before you can even make them worthwhile. In addition, they all have a fairly high gauge cost with no gauge restore feature, so gauge reduction skills are a necessity. Finally, even if you do have these medals already, you're essentially just buying a 1500 jewel trait medal. And if you end up getting Defense +2000, then you've just wasted 1500 jewels on a worthless trait. I recommend skipping this banner entirely.

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