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Project: Soundtracks

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Link: https://www.kh13.com/wiki/soundtracks/

Current project leader: @blue490246

Open / Locked status: All areas can be contributed to by KH13 members and staff members. 

Fields: The following fields shall be used when filling out information in regards to English-language songs (Refer to KH3D OST for exact layout): 

  • Description (i.e. what game(s) is the soundtrack for, when was it first released, main composers, theme songs included (if applicable). Also might want to note differences or unique qualities of box sets, compilations and rearrangement albums to explain what those are)
  • Release Date (Country: YYYY.MM.DD)
  • Catalog Number (i.e. Japan: SQEX-10304~6)
  • Price (i.e. Japan: 3800 JPY or USA: 12 USD)
  • Publisher (i.e. Japan: Square Enix (distributed by Sony Music Distribution))
  • Games Covered (bullet list of games that the music on the soundtrack covers; exclude the fact that the theme songs cover more than one game, as that will skew the list - only focus on what game 90% of the tracks cover)
  • Tracklist (including Total # of Discs, Total Length, and Total # of Tracks, and then a breakdown per disc on Length and # of Tracks)
    • Table format for tracklisting
      • x+1 rows where x is the number of tracks on the entire soundtrack (the +1 is for the heading row)
      • 5 columns
      • Categories for heading row:
        • Disc-Track (i.e. if it's Disc 1 Track 1, it'll display as 1-01)
        • Title (name of track)
        • Length
        • Artist (who performed in the song)
        • Composer (who composed it)
      • NOTE: For exact format styling, I would recommend creating the table first, and then copying and pasting content from a table on another complete OST page. This is to ensure you have enough rows, as you cannot edit the number of rows retroactively in the table once it has been made!
  • Trivia [OPTIONAL] (only if there's any interesting info on the release; only one I can think of is the printing error on the 1.5+2.5 BOX where one track was released in mono mix and needed a separate disc to be sent with the stereo mix)
  • External Links (bullet list of official soundtrack websites, artist comments, etc.)

Once all fields are input, be sure to upload the album cover artwork as well!

Completion status: Still have many soundtracks to input into the system. As of 2019.01.24, only 4 of 9 of the main game OSTs have been entered. Please refer to Post #2 in this thread for complete running list of official OSTs to be entered into the database and the status of each in the database.

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I'll also keep a running list of all the official KH soundtracks released by Square Enix here:
(Note that OSTs without a Status have not been started yet)

Main Game Soundtracks

  • KINGDOM HEARTS Original Soundtrack (Status: Complete)
  • KINGDOM HEARTS -FINAL MIX- Additional Tracks (Status: Complete)
  • KINGDOM HEARTS II Original Soundtrack (Status: Incomplete; fields need to be filled)
  • KINGDOM HEARTS Original Soundtrack COMPLETE
  • KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack (Status: Incomplete; fields need to be filled)
  • KINGDOM HEARTS 3D: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack (Status: Complete)
  • KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Original Soundtrack
  • KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Original Soundtrack
  • KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 & 2.5 ReMIX- Original Soundtrack BOX


  • KINGDOM HEARTS 10th Anniversary FAN SELECTION -Melodies & Memories-

Rearrangement Albums

  • Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS
  • KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World Tour- Album
  • KINGDOM HEARTS Concert -First Breath- Album
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