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  1. For anyone interested in purchasing the JP versions of the game, here's the preorder bonuses in Japan. Hopefully we'll be getting our own in North America and Europe I wonder if we'll get the same PS4 theme for digital preorders this time round or if they'll be different like with KH3 and ReMIND. Amazon JP (Preorder of Physical Version) Original Postcard JP Square Enix eStore (Preorder of Physical Version) Greeting Card with a message from Nomura JP PlayStation Store (Preorder of Digital Version) PS4 Original Theme And, for anyone who's an OST nerd like I am, here's the tracks listed on the site so far to appear out of the 140 tracks in the game: KINGDOM HEARTS | Destiny Islands KINGDOM HEARTS | Hikari KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories | Traverse Town KINGDOM HEARTS II | Working Together KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days | Another Side - Battle Ver.- KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep | Dismiss KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Dream Drop Distance | All for One KINGDOM HEARTS III | Let It Go KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra ~World Tour~ Album | Destati Love the rearrangement of Dearly Beloved, very jazzy
  2. Figured we wouldn't get a different album cover but this is still a beautiful piece of artwork from Nomura presented in such a simple and clean way (no pun intended). Can't wait to see more of how the packaging will look - we also got dimensions of how the physical package will be like: クリア三方背ケース入り大型デジパック(約26×29cm)、カラーブックレット Clear three-sided case holding a large digipak (about 26 x 29 cm) and a colour booklet There's also a hidden piece of info in the news release for Japan regarding a joint purchase of the OST and the Melody of Memory game (PS4 or Switch) on the JP Square Enix eStore. It seems like, for any people with an account on JP Square Enix eStore, if you purchase both a copy of the game (Switch or PS4) and the OST by November 30th midnight (JST), you get a bonus special disc for the OST with 2 tracks rearranged for the MoM game. https://store.jp.square-enix.com/sp/kh_mom/index.html#notice Whether that is a JP Square Enix eStore exclusive or not is TBD i think. I hope it isn't an exclusive. I wonder if they'll also bring this promo to the other Square Enix stores around the world.
  3. Thanks for combining them! lol I should've probably checked again whether I could edit the posts or not ? And oh yeah, for sure, not really mindblowing news here ? it's also following the pattern with KH1.5 and KH2.5 OSTs, they basically bundled the odd few exclusive tracks from the side games into the last discs for those releases too. In this case, they had enough exclusive tracks from the side games to put all of them on a separate disc. It's just nice to get as much confirmation on what to expect now before they drop the main pieces like the tracklist and art covers
  4. Amazon JP updated their product page regarding the size of the "Mega Jacket" preorder bonus - it will be 24cm x 24cm.
  5. I'll try to update! I preordered the Amazon one. I've preordered other OSTs from Amazon before with their "Deka"/Mega/large jacket covers and honestly, it's like receiving a really large postcard with the cover design printed on it. So nothing particular fancy but they actually make for great pieces of wall decoration ? here's hoping for some new Nomura art for the OST cover ? but id also be satisfied with the KH3 game case cover too EDIT I just noticed - 160 tracks, in which only about 90 are from the main game. OST rips for KH3 have went up to as much as 202 tracks from the main game alone, so to compress that to 90 tracks ... I wonder if they blended together a lot of the tracks into single tracks. Like, maybe both the on-field theme and the battle theme for each world are blended together into one track, given how seamless some of the transitions are in the OST this time round. So maybe many tracks will be suites in general. I just hope they don't axe any of the tracks, especially the rearranged versions of older tracks... This OST was definitely a mammoth compared to any other game's OST in the series to date - KH2.5 was the most # of tracks so far for any single KH game OST, and it maxed out at 96 tracks, including 2 extra tracks from BBS.
  6. There's also preorder bonuses that were listed on the page: If you order from the JP Square Enix eStore or any of the other JP retailers listed in the OP, you'll get a sticker. (The full list of stores is TBD.) If you order from Amazon JP, you'll get a reprint of the album jacket cover on a large card (they call it a "Mega Jacket"). As of now, none of these stores, including Amazon JP, will ship directly overseas (maybe with exception to HMV - I didn't try but they used to allow shipping overseas), but there is a chance Amazon JP might allow it closer to the release date / as hopefully the COVID19 conditions stabilize. If people overseas are interested, you can look at some mail forwarding companies from Japan to have retailers ship to a provided address in Japan and then have the company forward or mail that package internationally to you. Some other details as well on the OST from the JP Square Enix eStore (these are mostly assumed to be the case already but fyi): Will include Hikaru Utada's theme songs "Chikai", "Face My Fears" (presumably Japanese Version), and "Hikari (Ray Of Hope MIX)" - unclear whether it will be the short mix used in the opening video or full mix Seems like there's over 90 songs from KH3 alone Spells out that the OST will include the rearrangements from the Limit Cut Episode from ReMIND
  7. if any of the other Square Enix OSTs are precedence recently, like FFVII Remake's OST, then the KH3 OST will probably also end up on iTunes. I think with the last KH OSTs, the timing wasnt right in terms of the demand for digital - I think the last KH OST (excluding the Tour CDs) we got was KH1.5+2.5 which was back in 2014. Nowadays, digital has literally taken over most of the music distribution industry. They'll probably take this opportunity to put up the other KH OSTs too, otherwise, I honestly question what their marketing dept is thinking as it would be a huge missed opportunity.
  8. im oddly slightly disappointed that it isnt a port, despite that ports are all we've been getting interspersed around and in between the releases of KH2.8 and KH3 lol. Still holding on to the hope that we'll get a playable HD port of 358/2 Days and Re:coded one day in a Switch port of the Xehanort Saga. i am also kinda excited for this rhythm game though, but the music concept makes it way more of a filler game than any of the other in-between games lol. the story element seems like a desperate attempt to make this game core in the series ?
  9. I'm complaining because this is just lazy for the company. Literally zero effort put into this. Yes, compilations do happen but for more valid reasons. We're not celebrating anything here, KH3 didn't win GOTY or anything, it's just an extra money grabber for no reason, which is why I called this marketing at its rawest, dullest and most shameless. Companies really shouldn't be able to get away with doing things like this... I'm also not looking for a final package, I'm just looking for value. A final package would only be valuable if, as the poster after me said, gave something extra like a new console experience or a soundtrack. Yes, I am aware this bundle is probably catered to newcomers, but as I said, they didn't even include Re Mind if they wanted a complete collection for convenience / ease of access nor did they release it at the same time as Re Mind so it didn't help anyone get Re Mind. It's also not like KH has been out of anyone's minds recently and been forgotten to the point it needs a revival. Added to all the Xmas and Black Friday deals for these games (which basically added up to 49.99 usd). So there is really very limited value for anyone to buy this "almost complete" bundle. It also cheapens the Kingdom Hearts brand imo and is kinda disrespectful to the fans that bought the game on Day 1.
  10. I honestly think this release is marketing at its rawest, dullest and most shameless... Can they get anymore "creative"...? It's completely unnecessary, especially at this point when Re Mind is still fresh in everyone's minds - the release date for this is not even 2 months after Re Mind's release ... Who is this bundle even targeting?? And why in March? Almost like SE's way of filling in what would've been FF7R craze for a mere few weeks (since it's now being released in April) just to compete with ... Animal Crossing? P5R? lol... Why not save this all-in-one release until the full release announcement of the PS5 and just put out a PS5 version with some extra enhancements? They'd probably also capture some of the crowd that already owns all the games on PS4 again. Right now, aside from the fancy cover slip (even though it's just old art again), there is literally no reason for people who own the games on PS4 to double dip (or triple / quadruple dip for that matter). And yeah, can't believe they couldn't bother to even include the DLC in this all-in-one package. They should've actually released this at the same time as KH3's release for a physical edition like they did in Japan. If they're capturing newcomers to the series, they also missed the mark. They should've released this at the exact same time as Re Mind's release to maximize sales. What better time to join the series than when they're given new content as a reason to catch up? Newcomers would've found it daunting too to have to get multiple games all over the place just to play the DLC - you can't even play the DLC without having the KH3 base game... I am hoping though they decide to release at least 1.5 and 2.5 for the Switch, with actually playable 358/2 Days and Recoded (since those came out on the Nintendo DS). With rumours of a higher powered Switch coming in the future (maybe next year), I hope that'll make it possible to port 2.8 and 3 to the Switch as well.
  11. Just to clarify if anyone reads this, the North American preorder theme for the Re Mind DLC looks to be exactly the same as the bonus theme that came with the Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Slim exclusive to Japan. https://www.sony.jp/playstation/store/special/ps4/kingdomhearts3/?s_tc=st_co_ext_kd/ So looks like Japan technically got this already ... but the theme is still beautiful. Just sucks we don't also get the new Tetsuya Nomura artwork... I hope they release all the themes as separate buys later down the road, just like they put all the preorder Keyblades on the store a couple months later after the game's initial release back in January.
  12. Has the Square Enix Japan e-Store changed their payment policy to accept foreign credit cards outside of Japan? Not to dash anyone's hopes right away, but unless you own a Japanese credit card or know someone who does, you'd probably have to use a proxy service just to purchase on the site, but whether or not the proxy service is also willing to help you enter the prize raffle is a whole other issue. Here's hoping they bring something like this to the Square Enix e-Stores outside of Japan...
  13. I seriously hope this is not a remake or remaster... We've honestly had enough of those... time to keep moving forward and either finish explaining the origin stories of the remaining Org members that we've still no clue of their backgrounds (i.e. Luxord and Demyx) and/or keep going with KH4 please...
  14. I wonder what platform it's gonna be on... While I'm hoping they decide to keep it on the PS line, I'd be down to play KH on the Switch (so I'm hoping those rumours are true about porting KH1.5+2.5 onto the Switch).
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