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  1. On a positive note for North America, this could potentially be good news, since that means there's still a chance we'll get the PS4 Pro if China/Taiwan's online preorders start on January 4th. Of course, there's still the possibility that the Amazon Black Friday announcement could be the Limited Edition PS4 Pro, but I'm not holding my hopes high for that.
  2. I hope Mandy Moore comes back to voice Rapunzel. I've been curious as to why they have yet to show any of the English voice acting, especially around Rapunzel, as there were so many opportunities to. I'm so glad there's so many original voice actors reprising their roles as well. We basically have the complete Frozen cast - makes me wonder if there will be any singing in the Frozen cutscenes, as it would be a partial waste not to have Idina Menzel sing something lol. I also hope that they find a way to bring Hayden Panettiere back for Kairi. It's such a shame... she will always be the original Kairi voice actress. Same with Brittany Snow for Namine, but since Namine hasnt been as prevalent in the games following KH2, I haven't minded having Meaghan Jette Martin as much. Alyson Stoner though, I will always associate with as Xion.
  3. I hope this doesn't mean the west gets the Slim version only. The Pro makes it so much more worth buying... The last time a KH-themed PS4 Slim came out, it was only for Japan, so here's hoping they at least keep to that trend, but give us the Pro...
  4. So every one of those links says the console's sold out lol. So they are not still taking online preorders. The only places in Japan that have it available are either with re-sellers or on auction sites, which are also re-sellers basically. So in the list in the post for example, Yamada Web (ヤマダウェブ) and Yahoo Shopping (Yahoo!ショッピング) are sites that allow re-sellers to put up products, similar to how Amazon has a Marketplace (even in Japan). That's why there's an incredible markup on the PS4 Pro on those sites, which are the only ones that still list it as "available". In all honesty, the PS4 Pros were gone pretty much the instant they went up on Japanese retailers' sites. Don't mean to be cheeky, but I'd rather this post be retitled to not give people false hope. That may be a list of retailers that carried the PS4 Pro, but they haven't had any stock of it for quite a while now. The PS4 Pros were also not just available by lottery system in Japan. Amazon JP, for example, sold them without a lottery system, which is why they were pretty much one of the first retailers to sell out of the PS4 Pro. From what I saw, the JP Square Enix Store was one of the remaining retailers that still had units almost a month after they went up, but they were selling by lottery. They too are now out of stock though.
  5. blue490246

    What Disney film should've gotten a TV series?

    Dittoing a comment earlier about continuity with Zootopia - I would love for the creators to address the origins of Zootopia and the possibility of humans in that world and what happened to them, which I feel could be explored in a TV show format with multiple villains / suspects leading to a grander scheme much like the movie. It would add a whole new level of depth to the Zootopia story imo. There's not many cartoons these days that have a more mature appeal, like Avatar or Young Justice or Teen Titans (before Teen Titans Go). Even an Adventure Time twist to the Zootopia story would make it far more interesting. The Incredibles I can see getting a TV show as well, there's so much left unsaid that can be filled in with TV episodes. Even the history of all the heroes and how they got to be so famous. Even Inside Out could get a TV show imo. It's definitely a formula that can be transferred to any person or character.
  6. I said this on the KH reddit, but something simple like the trio on a black background would've been good enough. Taking someone else's suggestion as well, the box art might be good too, assuming it is a drawing by Nomura. Either of those would be better than the 3 designs we are choosing between... the posters make it seem like we play KH because we like Woody, Olaf, or Mike/Sully more than Sora, Donald and Goofy... Literally, all I see in the Frozen poster is Olaf... "where are Sora, Donald, and Goo--- oh they're shoved at the bottom, didn't even see 'em. Thought they were Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff"
  7. blue490246

    VIP Purchase Invalid -- Twice?!

    Your best bet is to contact Square Enix Support. That happened to me once, and I tried calling Apple Support. They gave me a refund because it was the first time this had ever happened, but they said protocol is usually to call Square Enix Support first, and having them contact Apple Support to issue a refund. I also had a really nice person at Apple Support help me, not sure if this first time refund will always happen... In your case though, you'll probably need to contact both to get access to the VIP extras this week and to get a refund for the double payment. Hope that helps!
  8. blue490246

    Pre-Order bonuses

    The figures only come with a "physical" deluxe, you don't get a digital version with the Deluxe Edition + Bring Arts Figures bundle from the Square Enix Store. You are right about the PS4 theme ("Impossible Odds") being digital exclusive. As of now, it is confirmed to only come with preordering KH3 on the PSN or the All-In-One Package on the PSN.
  9. blue490246

    Collector's Edition?

    At this stage, Square Enix could technically do anything lol. But I doubt they would sell a different Collector's Edition further down this year before the game's release. It would be a case of terrible marketing imo. They still have the details from the LE PS4 Pro to release, which I don't think would fair well with fans (or their wallets) if they also dropped a separate Collector's Edition then. I suppose their naming it the "Deluxe Edition + Bring Arts Figures" bundle could partly be wanting to be transparent about its contents, so as to not create as much of a demand from scalpers perhaps, as the naming I feel speaks more to true collectors of the series rather than anyone buying it for the sake of it being called a "Collector's Edition". Might help to regulate demand too, since there isnt that same hype of having to pursue a "Collector's Edition" vs. thinking back to the hype from the preorder fiasco of the Ultimate Collector's Edition of FFXV was. The naming could also be a marketing tactic to promote the Bring Arts figures, since they seem to be releasing a lot of those lately. All speculation though.
  10. Well, I get that animation costs money lol which is why I guess I was hoping to see the opening video for KH3, since that's not extra material, but we are still 7 months away from the game's release and I'm sure they're either saving that closer to the release date or not revealing it at all til the game's release, so it was more of a fat dream. To me, I'm pretty impartial about the release of these videos now that I've seen them, since I've played all the games up to KH3, and recently too. If anything, these videos are most valuable for new entrants to the series, people who need blanks in the series filled, or anyone who hasn't played the games in a while. But in a way, the opening videos are pretty much recaps. KH2's opening was a recap of KH1 and KH:CoM, DDD's opening was a recap of everything pretty much up to DDD. Just not as literal vs. having Chirithy narrate, but they did the job too artistically. Guess that's why I held on hope of Square Enix releasing the opening, before these videos got released. I'm also suspecting they're waiting for Hikaru Utada's album to release so the theme song "Chikai" isn't spoiled before her album drops.
  11. I think I set my hopes too high for these, was expecting a bit of new animation, but they really are just recap videos - snippets from cutscenes slapped together with a new voice recording from Chirithy. Guess that means we still have a CGI opening video perhaps to look forward to for KH3 that's separate from these recap videos.
  12. Not to be the skeptic here, but regarding the new princesses, the translation read "There are 6 missing candidates; Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa and more are being targeted for that purpose." That doesn't necessarily mean they're all princesses of light. Just like Wendy was targeted originally, but then found to not be a princess of light, it is possible any of the 3 princesses mentioned may not be a princess of light. In terms of Let It Go being in KH, I'm not surprised at the addition of music. It seems Rapunzel's world may have some of that too based on the footage seen at the town square. I also have a suspicion they may have found Mandy Moore to voice her again, which is why we didn't hear any of her voice in the trailers - probably because it would be too expensive perhaps to show it? Either that, or they found a new voice actress and wanted to omit an uproar from anyone finding out and not liking it lol.
  13. For Aqua-nort being potentially rescued, I think Nomura meant that if you fail to save her, that means you died and need to try again lol. Even though Nomura had said there's less of a need for FF characters now in KH, I'd like to see KH introduce FF characters differently, aside from them either living on Destiny Islands, in Radiant Garden or being summoned by Hades. i.e. How did Zack come to be in Olympus Coliseum?! It's just getting a little cliche, they should create an FF-only world. As much as KH is Disney, it is also Square Enix, that's something the studio should consider.
  14. As of the Square Enix Presents showcase on June 14th, there has been no reveals on more information regarding the Limited Edition PS4 Pro. Questions were directly asked about it on the feed during the live showcase, and the presenters on the show mentioned that those questions were taboo currently and could not be answered at the moment.
  15. Yes, I plan to update it as more release info comes out. I'm on the lookout for the PS4 Pro as well, so I'll be sure to update the post when there's news.