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[1-28-2019] VIP Quests, Supernova Medals Falling Price Deals

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For those that buy the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza this week, the following VIP Quests will be available to you: Illustrated Tidus and 1400 Jewels Quest, 7-star KH III Sora [EX] and 7-star KH III Riku [EX+] Quest, Gold Ticket Quest, Magic Broom & Magic Mirror Quest, and Gem Quest.

From 12 AM PT 1/28 until 11:59 PM PT 2/11, the Supernova - KH III Kairi Falling Price Deal and Supernova - HD Xion Falling Price Deal will be available. With each pull the cost of the Deal will go down until it reaches 1900 Jewels on the 5th pull. With each pull your guaranteed: a 7-star Tier 7 medal or a Supernova - KH III Kairi medal or a Supernova - HD Xion medal, 8 5-star or higher medals, and 5 Magic Mirror medals. The Supernova - KH III Kairi Deal will also give a Trait Medal #61 with each pull, while the Supernova - HD Xion Deal will give a Trait Medal #67 with each pull. Each guaranteed 7-star medal, Supernova - KH III Kairi, or Supernova - HD Xion medal pulled will come with one of the following skills: Attack Boost VI Max, Defense Boost I Max, Defense Boost II Max, Defense Boost III Max, Attack Boost V Max & Gauge 1, Attack Boost V Max & Lux+, Triple Threat II. You also have a chance of getting Boosted versions of the medals!



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So, they heard us complaining about the VIP mercy banners, and they decided to remove them! Yay! But they also removed any and all aspect of mercy as well. That's... not what people wanted. As such, I don't recommend pulling on this banner, at least not right away. It's a money sink (or jewel sink, in this case) with no guaranteed reward, and we might get something better soon. Plus, the rates are probably terrible (though I'll have to check once they're available).

Also, what's up with this weak VIP deal? Tidus is pretty meh overall, and KH3 Sora hasn't been relevant in months! Heck, even Riku is becoming useless in the grand scheme of things (which is even worse since he's so recent in comparison).

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