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Analysing Kingdom Hearts III (*spoilers*)

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OK, let's see. I have to say, this game is a supreme blast!!! They have taken too much time to make it, as far as I see, but thank godness they made something worthy of it. Many mysteries have finally been resolved, and practically all the main characters that we know have been rescued by Sora. However, it clearly has brought us some new mysteries; and the only way I think we can discover them is through KH:UX, as there's clearly a connection. Anyway, I want to share some details an see if we can reach some answers around here. Let's see:  


1º) It was a little sad the lack of characters from Final Fantasy in this game, but I guess this game had to focus in the main characters of the main story the most and solve their plots. I mean, there were too many main character to attend this time. Well, at least the Moogles stay in their classic roles. And in Olympus, we get references to Cloud and Auron, which was refreshing. Also, in Twilight Town, I think there's a NPC villager who mentions the gang of Seifer, Fuu and Rai went into somekind of "warrior training trip" or something.   
2º) During the last scenes, we saw Vexen (apparently back as Even) working with Ansem the Wise and Ienzo in stabilizing Namine in her new Replica body. But when and how was Vexen turned back into human? Someone should have destroyed him to be recompleted again; but Sora and his friends never fought him in this game? So how it did happen? My guess?, since he was just a reserve member of the Organization, I suppose Xehanort himself ended him when he finally get all the vessels he needed for his 13 Darknesses; simply because he was no longer useful to him. I suppose Xehanort, or another of his selves could have done the same to Demyx; although we have no idea where he is now if he's human again.   
3º) Just like in Vexen and Demyx's case, they never revealed what happened to the Lingering Will. It was a really good time for him to appear just before the disaster stroke again to the Guardians of Light, but we didn't see him again after he put Terranort away. It should have joined the Guardians of Light and be present when Terra recovered his body. I mean, removing Xehanort from his body was the perfect "final goal" for the Lingering Will, isn't it?  
4º) I have to say, many points of the story were resolved as we thought; but some other had some unexpected twists. The Replica Program used to give Roxas and the others their own bodies was as clear as crystal, and also for Master Xehanort to get some vessels for his 13 darknesses. but there are some points that I don't get.   
- Why did Master Xehanort create another Replica of Xion? She was supposed to have a part of Xehanort inside her, but she never looked like she was possessed by the darkness (like having the yellow eyes). So, why using her? I would have picked other candidates for this, like the Anti-Coat of 3D or even the digital version of Sora's Heartless. Anyway, Xehanort practically made Sora's team a favour. However, I'm not sure if the Xion who later joined Sora's side is actually the same Xion we knew. I mean, when Roxas returned, he was using the doble Keyblades we know; but Roxas only gained this ability for absorving Xion. If Xion was truly restored, how could he keep this ability? I can only assume Xion's essence somehow passed from Sora to the second Xion when they were struggling. What do you think?  
- I knew the Riku Replica would return somehow, but I would have liked to see him taking over the vessel of his dark self and joining the others. However, I don't think we have seen the last of this guy. When he disappeared, it looked like he became a force of light, and he took his dark self with him to leave the vessel for Namine. Not to mention he apparently gained the power of Riku's old Keyblade. He and his dark self disappeared in a cloud of light and darkness. Not sure about this, but it was like when someone talks with his good side and bad side on tv. If these two Riku Replicas (one of light and other of darkness) disappeared together, maybe they could fuse together and gain their own body. I mean, this is basically what happened with Ventus and Vanitas; only the other way around.   
3º) When Master Xehanort stays alone with the 12 keys, there's something I don't get. We can assume that every time that one of Xehanorts selves was defeated or destroyed, one of the keys was created. But there are a few of them which souldn't have been created at all. Xehanort said light and darkness clashed 9 times and created 9 keys, right before Sora, Riku and Mickey faced Ansem, Xenmas and Young Xehanort. but as far as I see, they actually collided 8.   
- First, we have Luxord, Larxene and Marluxia, who were defeated and destroyed (that's 3 keys).   
- Then we have Dark Riku, who Riku Replica removed from his vessel and that can count as being defeated and destroyed, although he left the vessel behind. (That's 4 keys)  
- Xigbar was defeated and hurt, but he apparently put an end to himself and his weapons disappeared. However, now we know Xigbar actually survived than ks to the Epilogue. So, how could be the 5th key forged after this battle? Also, Xigbar was still infected by Xehanort (the yellow eye); and yet, Master Xehanort was incapable of realizing one of his vessels had its own agenda.   
- Vanitas was defeated and apparently destroyed, which forged the 6th key. However, I don't think Vanitas is really gone. I mean, he and Ventus are linked because they are the light and darkness of a same entity. So, as long as one of them is alive (in this case, Ventus), I don't think the other one will be able to die.   
- Terranort was defeated, but not destroyed. When Sora used his Keyblade to remove Xehanort from Terra's body and allow Terra's heart to recover his body, I guess that counted as being destroyed. And therefore, we get the 7th key.   
- Xion was supposed to be part of the 13 darknesses, but in her case, she was never either defeated or destroyed. At which moment she was used to forge the 8th key? Was it when she struggled with herself, grabbing her head as she was trying to get something out of her mind? How did that work exactly? I don't understand how her key could be forged.   
- Saix was defeated and destroyed like Larxene and the others, which could create the 9th key.   
- Young Xehanort, Xenmas and Ansem were defeated and destroyed; although in Young Xehanort's case, I'm not sure if he was just sent back in time or if he was just another Replica. Anyway, we get 3 more keys, reaching 12 of them.   
- Finally, how was the last key forged? It was just when Sora attacked Xehanort with all his strength trying to avenge Kairi's apparently demise? It was as simple as that? That's lame.


I have quite more to comment, but I will wait for some comments before continuing. 

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