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[2-01-2019] Dev Report, Monthly Updates, Party Recruit CP, Weekly Raid, Event Quests, Supernova - KH3 Vanitas & KH3 Ienzo Falling Price Deal

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Hope you've all been enjoying Kingdom Hearts III! In the meantime, the development team of KHUX have shared a preview of upcoming updates:

  • Fast-Forward Mode (coming April 2019): You'll be able to increase battle and movement speed during quests!
  • Pet Training (coming April 2019): Equip a medal to your pet in this feature to unlock a special trait slot for that medal!
  • Nova & Supernova Improvements (coming Spring 2019): Nova and Supernova attacks will factor in a Ground & Aerial Def -60%.
  • KHUX is now available for Amazon devices!

As for this month's Coliseum, players can receive the Macaroon Tower Hat (Critical Hit Perk +5) accessory. Rank high for the ATK B IX & Lux+ skill (x2.8 multiplier)!

This month's Limited Missions offer:

LUX Collected Pet Part
4,000,000 Yellow Coonstar Head
20,000,000 Yellow Coonstar Ears
100,000,000 Yellow Coonstar Body
500,000,000 Yellow Coonstar Legs
2,500,000,000 Yellow Coonstar Tail
10,000,000,000 Macaroon Tower Hat

This month's Monthly Gem Quests offer two Power Gems, a Speed Gem, and two Magic Gems as well.


Until February 13th at 23:59 PT, a New Player Recruitment Campaign is going on!

Eligible Members of parties with at least one new player at the end of the campaign period. 
This includes any new players who joined before the campaign started.
Reward 1 Platinum Ticket
Details ・ Players whose Player ID numbers are "4485473" or later* will be considered new players during this campaign.
* Players who created their account after Nov. 1, 2018 12:00 a.m. (PT). 

・ The campaign results will be finalized between 

Feb. 14, 2019 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. (PT) / Feb. 14, 2019 8:00 to 10:00 (UTC). 
Please do not change parties during the above period.

・ The campaign reward will be sent to eligible players on Feb. 15, 2019 12:00 a.m. (PT) / Feb. 15, 2019 8:00 (UTC). 


The Weekly Raid Event runs until February 10th at 23:59 PT. Defeat the Adventurer for rewards such as Broom, Mirror, Chip, and Dale medals! 

Pacific Time UTC

2:00 a.m. to 2:59 a.m.

8:00 a.m. to 8:59 a.m.

2:00 p.m. to 2:59 p.m.

8:00 p.m. to 8:59 p.m.

10:00 to 10:59

16:00 to 16:59

22:00 to 22:59

4:00 to 4:59

During the above time periods on Mondays to Fridays, the raid quests will cost 5 AP. (Normal AP Cost outside of these hours: 90 AP.) On Saturdays and Sundays until the campaign period ends, the raid quests will cost 5 AP all day and the above time periods will become Bonus Hours (LUX+, LV+2).


Defeat the Guard Armor and clear objectives in a set of seven quests until February 7th at 23:59 PT for rewards such as Chip, Dale, and Huey & Dewey & Louie medals!

The five Masters of Magic event quests are open until February 11th at 23:59 PT. You'll have to equip Speed medals and simultaneously clear all three objectives to receive the rewards.

Lastly, the Supernova - KH3 Vanitas and KH3 Ienzo Falling Price Deal is open until February 11th at 23:59 PT. Each pull guarantees a 6* KH3 Ienzo, a Trait Medal #82 (for Supernova - KH3 Vanitas), and five Mirrors. A 7* KH3 Ienzo is guaranteed in five pulls. Note that there is no guarantee for Supernova - KH3 Vanitas.

The 7* KH3 Ienzo or Supernova - KH3 Vanitas will arrive with one of the following skills maxed:

   ・Attack Boost VI Max 
   ・Defense Boost I Max   
   ・Defense Boost II Max   
   ・Defense Boost III Max   
   ・ATK B V Max & GA 1   
   ・ATK B V Max & Lux+ 
   ・Triple Threat II

Both medals have five trait slots and can be upgraded with Dual Meow Wow medals. Vanitas is worth a base180 pet points and Ienzo is worth a base120 pet points.

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Target Ability Max Multiplier
7* Supernova - KH3 Vanitas Reversed/Speed 9 6 SP AoE Deals 7 hits. 1 turn: 15 R- & S-STR, SP ATK B +160%, targets -15 R- & S-DEF. Count +1. Damage+: the higher your HP. x31.79~42.93

Supernova: AoE, x160 (x200 if boosted) multiplier, Guilt +200% (250% if boosted) for 1 turn. Enemy counter +10. Activates before Slot 3 when defending in PvP.

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Target Ability Max Multiplier
7* KH3 Ienzo Upright/Speed 8 3 SP AoE Deals 6 hits. 1 turn: 15 DEF & M-DEF, targets -8 STR, -3 M-STR. Gauge use +2. Damage+: more turns passed.


Supernova (if unlocked): AoE, x100 multiplier. For 1 turn: 15 DEF & PSM-DEF, targets -10 STR, -3 PSM-STR. Enemy counter +3. SP +10. Activates before Slot 6 when defending in PvP.

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Target Ability Max Multiplier
6* KH3 Ienzo Upright/Speed 8 3 SP AoE Deals 6 hits. 1 turn: 15 DEF & M-DEF, targets -8 STR, -3 M-STR. Gauge use +2. Damage+: more turns passed. x13.08~17.80


Images from this update can be viewed below. Have you finished KH3 yet?


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