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Some weird mechanics in the game

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I'm not sure if these count as spoilers or not, mainly because I'm focus on the gameplay and not the story, but there are a few things that I would like to comment about some battles. Let's see:  

1º) Battle vs Ice Titan and Lava Titan: I'm not sure about this, but I believe there's a way for tricking these two titans and use their powers against each other. I have seen some videos where we can see the Ice Titan accidentally freezing the Lava Titan for a few seconds. And although it wasn't as clear as this one, I believe the Lava Titan can cause the Ice Titan to burn and/or melt for a few seconds. Can anyone confirm this strategy? (Honestly, it wasn't so difficult to guess; as it's quite similar to the Heartless Bosses of Ice and Fire from Agrabah in KH-II).   

2º) Batlle vs Skoll: I have to say, I expected this Heartless being named "Fenrir", but instead has the name or another mythological wolf from Norse Mythology. (More reasons to bond it with Marvel's Thor). Anyway, I believe this battle is the perfect chance to use the summon of Simba in it. I mean, what's the best way to fight a giant wolf of ice than using an enormous lion of fire?  
3º) The use of the magic has a few errors in this game. Some elements should work in a different way; for example, as in Pokemon. Let me explain:  
- Flame Cores are Fire monsters, as since Water quits Fire, we should defeat them with Water Spells. However, it shouldn't work using Blizzard Spells because Fire melts Ice. (Yes, I know it worked back in KHI and KHII, but that was before we gained the Water Spell).   
- Water Cores are Water monsters, so Fire attacks shouldn't work on them because Water quits Fire. Thunder magic should be more effective, because Water conducts Electricity.   
- Vermillion Samba are Fire monsters and weak to Water. That's OK.   
- Marine Rumba are Water monsters and weak to Thunder. That's OK.   
- Gold Beat are Thunder monsters and weak to Aero. Well, I'm not sure about this. But if you ask me, I see Thunder more powerful than Wind.   
- Malachite Bolero are Wind monsters and weak to Blizzard. Not entirely sure about this one, but it may actually work.   
- Chief Puff is a Plant monster and weak to Aero. Well, technically, it could work; but considering how it works like a Dandelion plant, Fire and Blizzard should be more effective.   
- Winterhorn are Ice monsters and weak to Fire. That's OK.   
- Earth Cores are Earth monsters and don't seem to have a clear weakness. I believe Water and Blizzard should work on them, since Earth absorbs Water.


Well, what do you think?

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