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A Meh review of KH3

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So here are my thoughts on the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3. THIS POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!! You've been warned.


Overall I had a great time with this game. The flow of combat felt really great and the worlds were expansive and encouraged exploration. I do have my fair share of complaints though. 
Starting with the story. I felt the story wasn't paced the best. Throughout the disney worlds we got snippets of main plot, then after Big Hero 6 the story just shot off like whoa. I would have liked it more if the pacing were more consistent and not just a big dump at the end. Speaking of end, that ending. WTF Nomura lol. Why did Sora not make it back and holy crap I loved the reveal that Luxu was Xigbar and I can't wait to see how this is expanded upon. Pete and Maleficent served no purpose whatsoever. And the theories about the secret movie are also interesting. Overall I'm glad everyone (mostly everyone) got some kind of closure, but obviously there's more to come.
Next is gameplay. There were a few moments were combat was super floaty and I was in the air longer than I wanted to be. Loved the keyblade transformations and shotlocks. I wish there was a way to turn down how often attraction flow appeared, but it didn't bother me too much personally. Ultima weapon wrecks everything. I loved the gummi ship sections and its open world feel. It lowkey feels like its own game. The pirates world is one of my personal favorites with its different forms of gameplay. The controls were very responsive and I had no real issues otherwise.
Finally content. *Deep sigh* I slightly feel unfulfilled. What I mean is usually in main Kingdom Hearts games there's just more to do. The mini games were fun enough, and hunting for the hidden mickey's really forced me to keep my eyes open, but I feel like there could have been more. Firstly NO COLISEUM! KH 1 and 2 both had a coliseum so I was expecting one for this game as well. The battle gates provided a nice challenge, but an actual coliseum would have been much better. Then there's no critical mode. I honestly ran through proud mode and only died like 3 times total (2 of those due to timed missions). Yes I know I can do a level 1 run, but apparently it's not fun to do. We need a critical mode. We also need more post game content, because there's not much to really do after beating the game unless you're going for 100%. My hopes for the future is we get a Final Mix DLC that will provide us with extra content. Don't take these criticisms as me saying I didn't enjoy the game, I loved it very much, I guess I was just looking for more. I still have to put Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix as the king just because of the sheer amount of depth that is put into that game, but KH3 comes in a strong second.


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