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[2-11-2019] VIP Quests, Weekly Raid Event, Deluxe Ranking Rewards, Union Cross Update, Supernova - HD Aqua Falling Price Deal, Valentine Special Event, Chocolate Valentine Campaign, Screenshot Contest

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For those that buy the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza this week, the following VIP Quests will be available to you: Chocolate Cap and 1400 Jewels Quest, 7-star Sora & Peter Pan and Trait Medal #83 Quest, 7-star KH III Sora [EX] and 7-star KH III Riku [EX+] Quest, Gold Ticket Quest, Magic Broom & Magic Mirror Quest, Special Gem Quest, Special Fantasia Mickey B Quest, Chip & Dale Daily Challenge Quest, and Combination Quest. You'll also get access to the VIP exclusive Skills to Thrill Deal!

From 12 AM PT 2/11 until 11:59 PM PT 2/17, a new Weekly Raid Event will be available! Defeat the Raid Boss to get Raid Coins to use on the Raid Boards and earn rewards like the Swirling Hearts Spirit Part, Magic Broom Medals, Magic Mirror Medals, Chip Medals, and Dale Medals! The Bonus Times for the Raid Boss will be during 2 AM PT - 2:59 AM PT, 8 AM PT - 8:59 AM PT, 2 PM PT - 2:59 PM PT, and 8 PM PT - 8:59 PM PT.

During that same time, the Deluxe Solo and Party Ranking Rewards will be available! For the Top 2000 Players, they will receive a certain amount of Speed Gems depending on their rank. For the Top 100 Players, they will receive the No. 29 Top 100 title. For the Top 5 Players, they will receive the No. 29 Top 5 title. The Top 2000 parties will receive the Swirling Hearts avatar part.

From 12 AM PT 2/11 until 11:59 PM PT 2/22, a new Union Cross update will be available. Complete the quests to get Cross Coins to use on the Cross Boards to get rewards like the Valentine Balloons, Magic Broom Medals, Magic Mirror Medals, Jewels, and more! The Extra Hard Boss Times where you can earn even more Cross Coins are during 4 AM PT - 4:29 AM PT, 10 AM PT - 10:29 AM PT, 2 PM PT - 2:29 PM PT, 7 PM PT - 7:29 PM PT, and 11 PM PT - 11:29 PM PT.

From 12 AM PT 2/11 until 11:59 PM PT 2/17, the Supernova - HD Aqua Deal will be available! With each pull you'll be guaranteed one Trait Medal #71, a 7-star Tier 7 medal or a Supernova - HD Aqua medal, 8 5-star or higher Medals, and 5 Magic Mirror Medals! Each guaranteed 7-star medal or Supernova - HD Aqua medal pulled will come with one of the following skills: Attack Boost VI Max, Defense Boost I Max, Defense Boost II Max, Defense Boost III Max, Attack Boost V Max & Gauge 1, Attack Boost V Max & Lux++, Triple Threat II.You also have a chance of getting a Boosted Supernova - HD Aqua medal!

From 12 AM PT 2/11 until 11:59 PM PT 2/17, the Valentine Special Event Quests will be available! The event consists of 7 quests and upon completing the objectives you'll get various rewards like the Patissier's Hat Spirit Part, Patissiere's Hat Spirit Part, Event Coins, Magic Broom Medals, and Magic Mirror Medals!

From 12 AM PT 2/11 until 11:59 PM PT 2/17, the Chocolate Valentine Campaign will be available! Change your player message to the message and player ID of who you want to give it to and the player will receive the Chocolate Valentine with your message! The top 5 players that receive the most Chocolate Valentines will get a special title! Also if at least 10,000 Chocolate Valentines are sent to other players during the campaign, everyone will receive a Platinum Ticket and then 6-star Chip Medals!

From 12 AM PT 2/11 until 11:59 PM PT 2/17, the Valentine's Day Screenshot Contest will be available! Take a screenshot of your avatar in a single-player quest showing the perfect example of Valentine's Day spirit and send it to the official KHUX NA Twitter to enter! 10 winners will be picked and they will each receive 5000 Jewels! To enter you must: follow the official KHUX NA Twitter (@kh_ux_na), include the #KHUX hashtag in your tweet, include the #ValentineContest2019 hashtag in your tweet, and tag the official KHUX NA Twitter.



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2 pieces of advice. First of all, don't pull on this Aqua banner. It's not mercy, so it's not worth it. Maaaaaaaaybe pull once if you want to reroll a trait on the Aqua you already have, but otherwise just skip it. (Same advice applies to the inevitable Terra and Ven reprint banners.)

Second, don't worry too much about the pet gear quest. You can't beat the quest with 1 medal? Relax, it's just event coins. They've proven that these coins will be available a lot this month, so there'll be plenty of other times to get them.

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