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[2-15-2019] Cinderella Screen Debut Celebration, KH3 Falling Price Deal+

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Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Until February 21st at 23:59 PT, Cinderella's Screen Debut Celebration Event is open. Clear these seven quests for the following rewards: 

Event Coin x 1000 
6★ SP Cinderella x 6 
6★ Cinderella & Jaq x 6 
Huey & Dewey & Louie x 4 
Title: Glass Slipper


Medal Attribute Guilt Tier Target SP Cost Ability
6* SP Cinderella  Upright/Power 4 AoE 3 SP Raises PSM-STR & PSM-DEF by 1 tier for 2 turns. Greatly recovers HP.
6* Cinderella & Jaq Upright/Speed 3 AoE 4 SP

Raises PSM-STR & PSM-DEF by 1 tier for 2 turns. Slightly recovers HP.

The KH3 Falling Price Deal returns--this time with new SN - KH3 Monster Sora, KH3 Sulley, and KH3 Mike medals--until March 4th at 23:59 PT. Each pull guarantees two 7* KH3 medals, a Trait Medal #85 for SN - KH3 Monster Sora, and five Mirrors. SN - KH3 Vanitas and KH3 Ienzo are also available in this deal.

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Ability Max Multiplier
SN - KH3 Monster Sora Upright/Magic 9 6 SP [Single-target] Deals 7 hits. 1 turn: ↑ U- & M-STR 15, Guilt +160%, ↓ target's U- & M-DEF 15. Count ±0. Damage+: Higher HP. 30% chance to ignore target's Defense Boost. x31.79~42.93
KH3 Sulley Upright/Power 8 3 SP [Single-target] 1 turn: ↑ STR & P-STR 15, ↓ target's P-DEF 15. Damage+: Higher HP. x31.24~39.13
KH3 Mike Upright/Speed 8 3 SP [Single-target] Deals 8 hits. 1 turn: ↑ S-STR 15, ↓ target's DEF & S-DEF 15. Damage+: Higher HP. x29.75~37.26

Supernova: SN - KH3 Monster Sora: [Single-target] For 1 turn: Guilt +200% (250% if boosted). Triggers before slot 3 is activated when defending in PVP. x160 Multiplier (x200 if boosted.)


Images from this update can be viewed below.


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While the Cinderella medals might be extremely outdated at this point, it's still nice to know that they haven't been completely forgotten. The ideal trait here is going to be Extra Attack, so aim for that if possible. (You'll need an SP trait for best results, though. But don't use an Atk Boost 8 Max + SP1, for example: that's just a waste of a good skill.)


Introducing the new "if you don't have it, you might as well quit PVP" medal! And luckily for you, it's a falling price deal! With no mercy! And low drop rates! :D

Seriously though, the medal is solid but a lot of players are running low on jewels after all the recent banners and boards. If you can't afford to pull, then don't bother trying. If you can afford to pull, maybe only pull a couple of times. Odds are this Sora isn't going to be the only medal that does this, so missing it now doesn't mean you'll be ruined in PVP forever.

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