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[4-15-2019] VIP Quests, Weekly Raid Event, KH II Roxas and Namine Boards, Banish the Heartless Quests, A New Friend? Quests, Imitation Medal Deal, Boss Time Attack Event, Egg Hunt Event, Defeat Shiva Event

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For those that buy the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza this week, the following VIP Quests will be available to you: KH III Minnie and 1400 Jewels Quest, 7-star Sora & Chip & Dale Medal Quest, 7-star Supernova - KH3 Ansem Quest, Easter Egg Avatar Parts Quest, Fluffy Hear Avatar Parts Quest, Rainbow Pupstar Spirit Parts Quest, Heart-Shaped Sunglasses and Fluffy Heart Spirit Parts Quest, Blue Fairies Quest, Magic Broom & Magic Mirror Quest, and Gem Quest.

From 12 AM PT 4/15 until 11:59 PM PT 4/21, a new Weekly Raid Event will be available! Defeat the Raid Boss to get Raid Coins to use on the Raid Boards and earn rewards like Magic Broom Medals, Magic Mirror Medals, Chip Medals, and Dale Medals! The Bonus Times for the Raid Boss will be during 2 AM PT - 2:59 AM PT, 8 AM PT - 8:59 AM PT, 2 PM PT - 2:59 PM PT, and 8 PM PT - 8:59 PM PT.

From 12 AM PT 4/14 until 11:59 PM PT 4/20, The KH II Roxas and KH II Namine Avatar Boards will be available again!

From 12 AM PT 4/14 until 11:59 PM PT 4/23, the Banish the Heartless Event Quests will be available! Defeat strong Heartless using only certain Keyblades to get rewards like Huey & Dewey & Louie Medals, Magic Mirror Medals, and up to 1000 Event Coins!

From 12 AM PT 4/14 until 11:59 PM PT 4/20, the A New Friend? Event Quests return! Complete the quests to obtain the Yellow Scarf Spirit Part!

From 12 AM PT 4/15 until 11:59 PM PT 4/19, the Imitation Medal Deal returns! You can pull from it once a day and each pull comes with 10 6-star or higher Imitation Medals and 10 Limited VIP Coins! Limited VIP Boards are also available for Illustrated Rai, Illustrated Seifer, and Illustrated Fuu.

From 12 AM PT 4/25 until 11:59 PM PT 4/30, the Boss Time Attack Event will be available! Defeat Boss Heartless within a certain amount of time to get rewards like Boost Medals and up to 1000 Event Coins!

From 12 AM PT 4/15 until 11:59 PM PT 4/21, the Egg Hunt Event will be available! Complete objectives to obtain various rewards like up to 1000 Event coins and an exclusive title!

From 12 AM PT 4/15 until 11:59 PM PT 4/21, the Defeat Shiva Event Quests will be available! Complete objectives to earn various rewards including a Magic Gem, a title, and up to 1500 Event coins!



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Ugh, I'm late to this one. Let's see...

Minnie is an alright medal, basically a magic version of Ienzo. I think she's better than Pascal was, honestly. Keep in mind that she's an overwrite medal, so don't try to buff your defense until after you cast her.

As with all returning avatar boards, I recommend not getting them, despite the lowered price.

All of the event coin events should be easy enough, with the exception of Shiva and that stupid egg. Since the reward is just event coins, though (and maybe a gem or a title), don't waste jewels on these things. Shiva is basically the same deal as the Titan event recently, barring you from using 0 gauge medals and retaliating in some way after her counter has hit 0. So, you know, good luck and all that. (I couldn't beat Titan and I doubt Shiva'll be any better.)

Lastly, the copy medal banner. This one is a bit of a gamble. On the one hand, you'll get 10 copy medals for 3000 jewels. On the other hand, they could all be terrible (think tier 3 Beagle Boys). On the same hand, you're only guaranteed the mercy if you pull once for each of the 5 days the banner is here, so tough luck if you missed a day or 2 already. If you feel like you're good on copy medals, this one's an easy skip.

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