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Fates Chance XIII

Soras toll in the reapers game

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So with Sora looking like he'll be joining the Reapers Game that means as I understand it he'll have to pay an entry fee for it right? 

And it has to be something important. 

What do you think it'll end up being?

I originally thought that it'd be his memories of Riku and Kairi, but to do the memory wipe thing for like a 3rd time (1CoM, 2Days) I feel would be a little tiresome. It was good and fine before a 3rd time i think is too much.

Then i thought what about his ability to use the keyblade?? Like what if he lost it and had to play the game like everyone else with the badges? And what if the Kingdom Key went to like Kairi or something?? (This is assuming that one of the next games is gonna be Kairi focused. And what a cool thing would that be if she summons her Keyblade and ends up with two! And then by the end of the game or somewhere along the the way she loses it because Sora won the game and got it back! But it makes her all worried and it would just be great!)

But I would fear another CoM situation where people wouldnt be happy with the sudden change of fighting style. Which is fair. It took me YEARS to learn to appreciate CoMs fighting mechanics.

But with those two options pushed aside, I couldnt think of anything else. His memories of his friends, his keyblade...what else would be a good troll for the game?

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I think it would be more exciting to not have a reapers game and have something different introduced. It is a popular theory right now though that Sora has yet again lost his memories.

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