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[4-20-2019] Organization XIII: Final Challenge Event

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From 12 AM PT 4/20 until 11:59 PM PT 4/30, the Organization XIII: Final Challenge Event will be available! Complete objectives to earn Magic Mirror medals, up to 5000 Jewels, up to 2000 Event Coins, and a special title!


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So, I guess Roxas and Xion just don't matter. Fine, fine, I see how it is. (Didn't even bother to make a Xion+ medal, really...)

Anyway, this event starts easy and then gets incredibly challenging. You should be able to get at least 3000 jewels or so before things start ramping up in difficulty. If you can't beat one of the members, don't try to buy your way into being able to do so. Remember: spending jewels in order to earn jewels is a bad idea. The title you get for beating Xemnas (if you can) is "No One". Not quite the same as "Nobody" but the Namine avatar board already has that one, so...

Really, when they said on the anniversary website that the Organization event was coming back, none of us thought they meant "for the last time". I mean, we've missed the Xaldin event, the Roxas and Xion events that should have been, an actual Xion+ medal, and a reprint of the remaining Org. XIII medals (Demyx+ through Xigbar+). You know how many people could've used those jewels, or how many people held off on getting Org.+ medals because they knew there'd be a reprint event? This has just been handled so weirdly (and possibly poorly). It gives the impression of "we don't wanna do this anymore, but you guys keep complaining about it, so fine: have one more event, but then we're taking our ball and going home!"

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