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[7-15-2019] VIP Quests, Weekly Raid Event, Draw Tickets Quest Part 2, Supernova Deal, 7-Star Deal, Sleeping Lion Challenge

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For those that buy the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza this week, the following VIP Quests will be available to you: Timon Snuggly Avatar Part & 1400 Jewels Quest, SN+ - KH III Aqua Quest, Balloon Pumba Avatar Part Quest, Attack Boost X Max Quest, 15 Dual Meow Wows [SAB 9] Quest, Blue Fairies Quest, Magic Broom & Magic Mirror Quest, EXP & Evolve & Munny Medals Quest, SP Chip & Dale Daily Quest, and Magic Gem x100 Quest.

From 12 AM PT 7/15 until 11:59 PM PT 7/21, a new Weekly Raid Event will be available! Defeat the Raid Boss to get Raid Coins to use on the Raid Boards and earn rewards like Magic Broom Medals, Magic Mirror Medals, Chip Medals, and Dale Medals! The Bonus Times for the Raid Boss will be during 2 AM PT - 2:59 AM PT, 8 AM PT - 8:59 AM PT, 2 PM PT - 2:59 PM PT, and 8 PM PT - 8:59 PM PT.

From 12 AM PT 7/15 until 11:59 PM PT 7/21, the second part of the Draw Tickets Event will be available! Complete the objectives to get Draw Tickets!

From 12 AM PT 7/15 until 11:59 PM PT 7/15, the Supernova Deal will be available! You can only pull from it once and it guarantees a Medal that can be evolved to Supernova+! It also guarantees 9 5-star or higher medals, 1 Dual Meow Wow [SAB 9], and 10 Limited VIP Coins.

From 12 AM PT 7/15 until 11:59 PM PT 7/22, the 7-Star Deal will be available! Each pull costs 1500 Jewels and guarantees 5 7-Star Medals! One of them will be a KH III Medal as well as also getting 5 limited VIP Coins. And you're guaranteed a medal with Supernova in 10 pulls!

From 12 AM PT 7/15 until 11:59 PM PT 7/24, the Sleeping Lion Challenge will be available! Complete the objectives of the 10 quests to get rewards like Draw Tickets and a Title!


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Man, they really want people to buy VIP. 100 magic gems, dang...

I appreciate that these draw ticket events are switching up the enemies. Back during the anniversary (I think), the daily quest for a ticket was always the same, being to kill the Adventurer. This is a nice change of pace.

The Supernova deal wasn't necessary, but I still took advantage of it anyway. No new medals, but at least I didn't get a T8 medal (I got another Roxas). Can't complain about that.

The 7-Star deal, on the other hand, is an easy skip. You should have plenty of 7* medals to use for your subslots without needing this banner to help. You're not even guaranteed a Supernova medal until 10 pulls in. Hard pass.

Lastly, the beach event/Sleeping Lion event. It's pretty easy overall. The watermelons don't have much going for them, which basically just makes them floating damage sponges. The new boosters should power up your medals enough to take them out quickly.

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