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The Disney Challenge

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It's simple, all you need to do is say one positive and one negative thing about each Disney world in Kingdom Hearts 3. It has to be a genuine pro and con, it can't be a damned by faint praise kind of thing (can't compare to something unfavorably). No repeating the same thing for different worlds either. If you're really struggling for something you can nitpick.


  • Pro: The scale of the world is amazing, and is a perfect introduction to what players can expect across the game
  • Con: The lack of a Coliseum arena feature

Toy Box:

  • Pro: Verum Rex is a really cool addition and also provides foreshadowing
  • Con: The context as to Andy's absence isn't made as clear as it could have been, and is inconsistent with what we know of Xehanort's abilities.

Kingdom of Corona:

  • Pro: The Grim Guardianess boss fight. Incredible music and takes absolute advantage of the environment like the tower.
  • Con: Some areas it's easy to get lost if you aren't consulting the map to navigate


  • Pro: It's the return of the Unversed
  • Con: Vanitas isn't a boss


  • Pro: The Let it Go sequence
  • Con: Re-assembling Olaf. Yes Donald, we get that everything looks like Olaf.

The Caribbean

  • Pro: Amazing graphics, the photorealistic really sparkles and shines (and not just the ocean!)
  • Con: Collecting crabs. That's a hilarious statement out of context.

San Fransokyo

  • Pro: The bridge scene on the second day, and how it evoked the clock tower scenes from KH2 and 358/2 Days
  • Con: The Dark Baymax boss fight is underwhelming

The Hundred Acre Wood

  • Pro: Perfect for harvesting ingredients without Donald or Goofy piping up
  • Con: It's the same mini-game three times over with minor variation in clearing areas

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