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PROJECT: Magic Kingdom Hearts Returns in Disney World on September 20th, 2019

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In commemoration of Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary and the release of Kingdom Hearts III, the annual fan-hosted event, "PROJECT: Magic Kingdom Hearts", is returning on September 20th, 2019 at Disney World in Orlando, Florida!

This impressive fan movement was founded by a fan known as Cutsceneaddict in 2012 when they discovered the lack of Kingdom Hearts representation in the Disney theme parks. This led to a gradual growth of fans coalescing to meet like-minded individuals, and to have Disney realize the yearning for more Kingdom Hearts representation and acknowledgment. In fact, speaking of growth, over 225 cosplayers are planning to attend this upcoming event! The original project founder, Cutsceneaddict is also managing the event after a 4-year hiatus. 




Several events made for attendee engagement will be happening such as a giveaway for Kingdom Hearts Funko Mini Figures, a record-breaking photoshoot, a special guest meet-and-greet with the project's founders, and a scavenger hunt with enticing prizes like a Riku Nendoroid. 

Additionally, every person who participates in the event receives a commemorative event wristband and a Seasalt Icecream Lollipop courtesy of Sweets and Geeks!

"PROJECT: Magic Kingdom Hearts" has also gone on to inspire the creation of a similar event in Disneyland, California hosted by The Keybearers Alliance. The impact of these events has risen in magnitude so much so to the point where Kingdom Hearts series voice actors and Square Enix staff support and join in on the accommodations. 

This is a climatic year for the Kingdom Hearts series,” Cutsceneaddict stated, “because the release of Kingdom Hearts III marks the peak of the franchise’s popularity. Many fans have anticipated this finale for over half their lives, and Disney is beginning to showcase more of the Kingdom Hearts series, such as the limited-edition Kingdom Hearts Pop-Up Experience at Disney Springs. The mission of this project has always been connection—to connect fans across the globe, and to connect these two Kingdoms [Kingdom Hearts and the Magic Kingdom] together. The revival of “PROJECT: Magic Kingdom Hearts” in 2019 is a culmination of all these aspects, which is why we’re calling this year’s event the ‘Final Mix.’ It will truly be an experience no fan will want to miss.”

You can find more info on "PROJECT: Magic Kingdom Hearts" and register for it here.

Do you plan on going to the "PROJECT: Magic Kingdom Hearts" event this September? 


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