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[KHUX NA: 12-02-2019] This week's WJE: Balloon Terra, Olaf, & Sven, Popcorn Hat spirit part in Union Cross, and a Cyber Monday sale

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Here is what's included in this week's Weekly Jewel Extravaganza (available until December 8th) :

  • 1400 Jewels & Balloon Olaf & Sven x 1 M/F (Item Drop Perk +6)
  • Balloon Terra x 1 M/F (Rare Enemy Perk +4)
  • Dual Meow Wow [SAB LV 9] x15
  • Power, Magic, and Speed Gems x10 each

A Cyber Monday sale is also available until December 8th to those who purchase the WJE! The following Traits can be purchased for 1,000 Jewels each, up to 3 times, at the Moogle Shop.

  • Ground Enemy DEF -60%
  • Aerial Enemy DEF -60%
  • Extra Attack: 40% Power
  • Damage in Raids +40%
  • STR +1000


Until December 8th, get the Popcorn Hat spirit part and other rewards through Union Cross! Fight the Extra Hard Boss during Bonus Times for more coins! 


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I don't usually say much about VIP, but this time I need to speak up. This is not a "Cyber Monday" deal: this is the exact same offer they've been bundling with VIP for the last few weeks/months. A real Cyber Monday deal would offer something we don't usually have access to.

Since I'm here, I'll go ahead and add on a part about this week's Union Cross. The "Message Board Arrives" bubble is referring to 2 of the boards that are available this week, and they're basically full of new chat phrases and the regular amount of jewels. The interesting part about the phrases is that they're all things that have been said in the mainline KH games. So, if you want to sound a little bit more like a KH character, you might go and get the phrases this week.

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