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Wolf on the Run

Kingdom Hearts: Fractured Heart (Sign up/Info)

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The Keyblade War seems so long ago the age of fairy tales has ended but the future remains untold the story of the seekers of darkness still but a distant dream in a far off sky. The passage of worlds shattered as a threat unknown is born Fragments creatures like the Heartless who do not yet exist in the real of light roam the worlds bringing forth misery and panic. Born of a shattered heart the Fragments must be gathered, keyblade wielders step forward with one goal restore the balance while a hidden figure watches eternally watches.


  • No God Modding other members may attack you but this rule works both ways
  • This is the sign up page not the actual roleplay thread I'll post that later
  • This roleplay is set in a time period between Kingdom Hearts Union x and the mainline games no existing Kingdom Hearts characters will be present in this roleplay.
  • No Disney Worlds that have appeared in Kingdom hearts to date can be used in this roleplay all other Disney and Square Enix properties are fair game, Traverse Town, Radiant Garden, and Twilight Town maybe used but there are new worlds only being constructed.
  • Name your favorite keyblade so i know you've read the rules
  • Keep the language tame
  •  You are welcome to have up to 3 characters but must do a character sheet for each one
  • You are welcome to introduce enemies to the story but I'll control the primary enemy
  • Normal KH13 rules apply
  • Have Fun

Character Sheet

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Keyblade:
  • Power set: Choose one to wield: (Warrior, Mage, Defender) Choose one to surrender: (Warrior, Mage, Defender)
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Bio:

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On 4/30/2020 at 7:06 AM, twilight_roxas said:

With the worlds does that include Pixar excluding Toy Story, and Monsters Inc, 20th Century Studios, and Blue Sky Studios IPs?

Ya if Disney or Square Enix have some form of ownership over it it's fair game within reason of course so any final fantasy/Pixar that hasn't appeared any anime/manga square has ownership or rights to Star Wars Marvel its all fine but no Alien worlds XD

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