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In 2010 I created quite possibly my most cringe worthy webseries ever. Life in Organization XIII. A series about what the members of the organization do when their not attacking worlds or hunting down Sora. At the very beginning I didn't even have a real coat yet but I would get my mom to buy me a cosplay jacket that I still have today. It lasted almost a year and had about 4 seasons.

This year I began to archive some of my older videos in a new series called "The JETRAY Archive" as an attempt to save the original uploads before time takes them down. This Archive is 1 Hour and 50 Minutes long. But I also have other Archives even longer and possibly cringier. Check it out if you can survive. I intend to make new original content this year once everything is completely archived so feel free to subscribe to the new Cackling Pumpkins ORIGINALS channel.


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