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Kingdom Hearts Can you help me plz ^^

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Hello Kingdom Hearts fans!

I'm a fan from the beginning and am currently playing through all the games chronologically. And I'm currently on KH3 and I hope you can answer some questions for me.

1. in KH3 Xion's hair looks brownish, whereas in Days, Coded and DDD they are black. What is the reason for this?

2. after the fight with Riku and Mickey against the demon tower in the realm of darkness, Riku is devoured by the Heartless and talks to a mysterious person. Shortly after, as he leaves his broken Keyblade on the shores, he says that he is leaving it to his "other self". Are these two statements about the same person? Is this referring to Repliku/Dark Riku? Or Riku's darkness (Dark Mode) from KH1 and CoM after he got rid of it? After all, Mickey said in KH2 that Riku's heart no longer belongs to the darkness. Ansem SoD also said that hearts are born from darkness and go back to darkness in the end. Maybe Riku's darkness took on a personality and went back to the realm of darkness?

3. how do you explain that Riku and Mickey got new keyblades? With Mickey, you can still understand it, since his keyblade was only damaged. And his new one is a combination of Star Seeker and Kingdom Key D. But Riku got a completely new one. Could it be that Yen Sid's magic helped to forge new Keyblades here?

4. Kairi says in the first cutscene that she and Lea are training in a place where time doesn't matter and that they can train as long as they need to. I always compared that to the room of spirit and time from Dragon Ball. But it's a lie, isn't it? Otherwise, Kairi and Lea would have been stronger in the Last Battle.

5. the two proof items in the game are only exchanged for the keyblades, right? That is, if you redeem them with a Mogry, they disappear again from the inventory? Is it possible to have both these items and the two Keyblades at the same time? Because I'm currently playing an NG+ on Critical Mode + All Pro Codes on and already own (almost) all the Keyblades. And I am a perfectionist, so I would also like to have a complete inventory.

6. I'm pretty sure I unlocked the Grand Chef Keyblade in the previous playthrough, but it's missing in NG+. That's weird... any ideas?

Thanks a lot for your help guys!

Best regards from Germany 

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1. Xion's hair is still black in KH3, the lighting in the Keyblade Graveyard just adds a brown tint to it. I'm under the impression the character models in the Jiminy Journal use a Graveyard-esque type of lighting there, too, so if her hair looks brown there, that's why. I could be misremembering that, though.

2. Riku heard the Riku Replica's voice when he was swallowed by the Demon Tower, and that's who he left his broken Keyblade for. Also, a cutscene during the Anti-Aqua scene (right before Riku fights the Demon Tower again) shows Riku-Replica with the complete Way to the Dawn.

3. I think the only thing that's been said about Riku's and Mickey's new Keyblades is that they "upgraded" their Keyblades or something. Strangely, there's really no lore given for how/where Riku got a new one. But I assume Keyblade creation could come up in a future game, given Keyblade upgrading's becoming more and more of a thing (Mickey, KH3, KHUX).

4. I don't know Dragon Ball, so I can't comment on that comparison, but Kairi and Lea trained in a world where time was altered in order to speed up their training. Yen Sid had Merlin and the three Good Fairies do the same thing back in DDD to speed up Lea obtaining a Keyblade. The reason Kairi and Lea didn't do so great in the final battle is because a) they were still newbie wielders with practically no real-world battle experience with their weapons, and b) because, although KH3 is a great game, its story really struggled with giving the majority of its characters attention and fitting them in due to time constraints, limited space on the disc, the difficult and complicated situation the story ended up in, and the troubled development the game went through.

Unfortunately, I can't help with the gameplay-related questions because I haven't completed those sidequests, but I imagine any Keyblade you unlocked would be carried over in a New Game+, so maybe you didn't unlock it?

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