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I was wondering why the cloud is required to play the kingdom hearts HD collections when they can easily be played on the base ps4 and Xbox one.

So I was checking out the storage on the ps4 and they take up a lot of Gigabytes.

KH 1.5 + 2.5 requires 61 GB

KH 2.8 requires 30 GB

KH3 requires 49 GB

A total of 140 GB.

I have a Switch. But without a microchip, I’m limited to at least 25 GB. Even if you were to get a microchip, you’d have to get the one that barely contains 1.5+2.5 or 3. So I thought of a solution, though it is not the best idea.

How about porting the games as standalone. Have the games separate.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix for example can be purchased by itself from the eshop. The movies like 358, recoded, and back cover can be downloaded for free.

I don’t know the solution for KH3, but I guess a graphics downgrade and a stable 30fps might do.

What do you think? It can allow an audience from Australia to play the games without requiring constant internet, and everyone can keep the games permanently without ever losing them.

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