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Leave ideas for mini games in a reply. It must include these things:

1. A name.

2. The rules .

3. How to win/lose.

4. Anything else .

Here is an example:

Name: the town is lava.

rules: 1. you must be playing as roxas .

2. Go to tram common.

3. get on a building .

4 jump from building to building for as long as you can with out hitting the ground .

how to win: get a good time .

how to lose: hit the floor.

Also play some of the mini games people suggest ( and you can try mine to get a sense of how they will work) and recommend your ideas.

For my mini game here are the trophies 🏆 ( there imaginary)(tell me what 🏆you get):

1 min = wood 🏆

5 min= basic training 🏆

10 mins = bronse 🏆

25 min= silver🏆

40 min= gold🏆

1hour/ 60 mins = platinum 🏆

1 hour 30 minutes = Demi god

2 hour =god

3 hour = devil

4 hour = sora 

5 hour = maniac 

6 hour = ???

7 hour = why

8 hour = Disney not dat ney 

9 hour = oh you are insane 

10 hour or more = go get a therapist 

17 hour = still , really, oh my god

24 hour = plz stop 

168 hour/ 1 week = 911 what’s your emergency 

If someone legitimately gets to 10 hours or above I will add your name to this post

If someone does it above 2 hours but on a skateboard I’ll give you a spot on this post 

And Finally (for now) if someone gets above 10 hours on a skateboard I will add your name on to my about me page 


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I thought of more stuff

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