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Some rambly thoughts on Keyblade bequeathing lore...

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Soooo yeah after going over all the lore again about Keyblades and stuff, I got to thinking: Who invented the bequeathing "rule" in the first place? Why does it exist, and did it ALWAYS exist...?

I think the whole "only a keyblade master or someone with the power of a master can bequeath someone the ability to wield a keyblade" is BOGUS! It's artifice! I mean, who even decides that? Who judges who's "powerful enough" to be like a Keyblade Master anyways?

If the MoM created the first Keyblades by pulling them out of people's Hearts, then there WERE NO "Keyblade Masters" at the time! So that arbitrary rule came into existence LATER somehow...or he invented the restriction himself and added it to all Keyblades to be a jerk lol? Because he himself somehow created the first keyblades WITHOUT that requirement. So it's as artificial as the keyblades themselves!

Which is PROBABLY why Data Sora was able to gain a keyblade of his own despite not being bequeathed! Same for Sora, even if he did steal it from Riku's Heart - because the rules are literally MADE UP and actually, truly don't matter! A strong enough Heart can forge/summon a Keyblade without adhering to it...like the Master himself first did!

He probably made up that stupid requirement to limit the amount and type of people who can forge their own Keyblades, and who can give them to others. Otherwise, I mean, the future could've literally been full of every random jane and joe popping out a Keyblade lol! It'd be multiversal constant Keyblade wars on a scale hitherto unseen!

So yeah: the bequeathing requirement is something somebody made up later on, but didn't actually exist when the first Keyblades were made - probably the MoM himself! And even then, strong enough Hearts - ala Data Sora - can prove it can still be broken and isn't ACTUALLY needed! Otherwise, that would've been impossible!

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