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what to do what to do...

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wasnt sure whether to put this in personal or writing....DX so i just put it here...


ok! so my school is having a poetry contest and everyone HAS to enter (mean old school DX)


sooo i need help deciding what to do...we have to read it in front of the entire school (rotten mean old school :@)...and u can pick one that wasnt written by u but its more points if u write one urself...if its poetry im gonna need all the points i can get!!!!!!! XDD


soo heres some


What's Written on my Heart(youll recognise this one if uve read one of my other threads ;))



The rain is everlasting

Storms fill my soul as I thirst for peace

There's nothing left to do

But stare back as you leave me alone....


Alone and dying


You used to be my helper

My healing tourniquet

Yet you leave me to walk on my own

To fend for myself


But you will forget me

And I will watch as the seasons change

Alone and on my own


Everything we had before will turn to dust

And the only thing I will have left...


Is what's written on my heart



Columbine (...id been listening to too much flyleaf xD i do that quite a lot actually...and i use the word fate/fateful too much DX)


The question asked

A fate revealed

To save her life or take it

The answer yes would cause her death

The answer no would save it


He took his gun

Held it too her head

And asked the fateful question

Do you believe in God?

His finger on the trigger


With head held high

And no regrets, she said

You know I do.

And Becca pulled the trigger


12 more died that fateful day

Blood tears fall on the ground

If you were there on that school day

Would you have pulled the trigger?



Missing You (this wasnt written by me and it had no title...and its from kingdom hearts!!! 8D)


There's always sleep between part and meet

With our usual words on the usual street

So let us part like we always do

And in a world without you

I'll dream of you

When I come to, let us meet

With our usual words on the usual street



Chain of Memories (...just read it yes i wrote it xD)


As our eyes meet

I dare to see

A broken dream hang over me


A torn up dream

A thousand words

Thats all thats left of what I was


The years go by

I try to see

The scattered dreams that once was me


But they're all shattered

They've come and gone

You're all thats left of my old song


The chain of memories

That once were me

Are bent and broken, never to be seen



aaand...thats about it...! i have to know by monday so...tell me soon...plz :D

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