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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Hey you, original member. Come back. Please?

  2. just watched spock sing about bilbo.....O__o wants to shove cupcakes in my ears so i wont b forced to listen to it anymore.....toolate....its in my head.

  3. hehehe......snape X3

    1. Weedanort


      Snape's gonna die in July 14 or July 15th!

    2. im-axel-fear-me-NOW


      <=O .......*sobs* nooooo!!!!


      ........why is it my favorite characters always die!?!?

  4. nice job! =D and dude AWSOME song choice 8D
  5. hehe tis good to be back after almost a year ;P

  6. i wanna look like u when i grow up O____o
  7. huh...i was surprised no one had posted this yet....but...happy thanksgiving everyone!!!! =D hope u all have a good one ;P
  8. happy bbs day to u all!!!!! 8D (ew i have to wait till like....6:00 -_- ew)
  9. whaaaaat!!!??? >=O 358/2 days was released like....2 days early for me...but this is ridiculous!!!!! =O (in a good way =3)
  10. omigosh vanitas=love =3 so awsome <3 ooh lea!!!! yay!!! /shot for loving his voice//
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