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  1. Kairi dying.... hmmmmmm.. Well sora's gonna go ballistic. But that might be interesting
  2. I would like to hear simple and clean and sanctuary again. its not like they're washed up and not saying goodbye happiness is a bad song but trust me you guys can fill up the blanks.
  3. If it happens it better be good... not saying the KH games don't surprise me.
  4. I unexpectedly caught the re-coded commercial on Cartoon Network(You guys might call me a lame but...) As soon as i Heard the Ding** on the t.v i turned and gasped(hopefully im the first one who caught it but yeah i may feel stupid so don't judge me)
  5. Sorry but what a waste of time who hasn't seen that!?! not to be mean just stating the obvious
  6. Hopefully iand i wonder how powerful it is
  7. There's no point of making this a thread!!!
  8. Can someone explain to me why Gamefly says that BBS came out on the Fourth?!?!?!?
  9. Tomorrows the day, the day bbs finally comes to the us Any last words before you get the game!!!!!!
  10. Cas9897


    Welcome to the site hope you enjoy:D:D:D
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