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  1. It's always a possibility, but I suspect it is unlikely. The scene is very brief, and I honestly think David did a good job with it when comparing him to Benjamin. Sure, the difference is noticeable, but I think it is satisfactory. Also, there is the fact that scenes in KH1.5 (specifically Final Mix) could have been dubbed without any VA aging issues. Well, maybe only the scene with Xemnas, but nevertheless, it's just something they didn't do, and it doesn't really bother me. In my opinion, it's a very minor thing that I doubt would be considered a crucial change, though it's still something they could do. I don't expect it.
  2. Also known as Ratatouille 2. In all seriousness, I think there is actually a sequel planned called Finding Dory
  3. I actually have the Riku 3D Play Arts Kai they're releasing at the end of the month (At least according to the Square-Enix store) on stand by. Riku shall soon be mine
  4. Constant dodge spam isn't strategy. VLS requires strategy, MF is just super OP.
  5. What I always hear is that FF13 is super linear or something. Sure, I hear some stuff about the sequels and such, but mainly it's been about the first one.
  6. Wait what? I was saying I was going to find out why people disliked the game by playing it....very..very, vaguely > 3 >
  7. It's time to shed some light on why people dislike this game so much... Sneaky joke is sneaky. And so is this sneaky reference to the formerly noted sneaky joke.
  8. I think we can expect the next KH game that isn't a remaster will be KH3 as opposed to some 'spinoff' as people call it. The reason why I say this is because of the KH3D ending with all the letters. "This leads to Kingdom Hearts", and then after that it shows Trios, if I recall correctly. That's as good of a way to represent the number 3 if I've ever seen one, though I will admit it's a bit obscure. Never the less, I imagine that's the point they were trying to convey, so that's what I'm expecting. A mid/late 2015 release seems plausible, but it really depends on if FFXV will hinder it's progress. We'll just have to see, but for now I'm waiting for 2.5.
  9. I'm going to be honest in saying that I'm more excited for 2.5 at the moment. This isn't to say that I'm not excited for KH3, it's just that KH2FM has such an immense amount of content, and I'm really excited to finally try it for myself. KH3 is still a mystery to me, though that doesn't mean it isn't less exciting, I suppose I'm just focusing more on what I know is coming first. All I can hope is that KH3 will be anything but a disappointment, and I'd like to believe that will be the case.
  10. Gummi worms.. Icwutudidthar
  11. Oh Aqua, how I have not missed your eternal, soul splitting gaze.
  12. I'm sorta curious about an ability Larxene displays in KH2FM. In her Absent Silhouette fight, she quite occasionally replicates herself. Originally I just assumed that she just 'moved so fast that it looked like there was two of her', and while this might be the case with some of her attacks (As she seems to inherently have abilities over speed as well as lightning), it doesn't really make much sense. With one reaction command you can dispose of her clone by slamming the two into each other, returning her to just one form. It sort of seems out of place for her power over lightning, as you would expect something like that from say, Zexion (Who has powers over illusions, which he uses to duplicate himself when fighting Riku in KH Re:CoM). Though I still am not sure, I am kind of wondering if she somehow splits herself apart..? The only reason why I imagine this is during the Reaction Command animation, the two Larxenes are slammed into each other, then suddenly sucked together after slightly ricocheting, as if they were meant to be one sole unit. I'm honestly not convinced with my own theory, but if it were the case, I suppose you could use Nomura logic to suggest that she some how traveled so fast that she split herself into two different beings...I don't even know
  13. Torchlight 2 and Darksiders 2. I...I don't know what that would be honestly
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