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  1. saintsghost

    Which Kingdom Hearts villain has the best voice?

    I’m so sad we no longer have Leonard Nemoy amoung us to voice Master Xehanort (not that we have a guarante he will show up but, who knows ‍♀)
  2. I’m still hoping for some sort of reveal in February at D23 Japan. I want a princess and the frog world. Atlantis world. I’ll take any new world honestly I’m a huge fan of Disney. I would like to see more of old worlds like the Mainland/Main Island Of Destiny Islands. Brother Bear is what I voted. Brave I love, makes me cry everytime.
  3. I’m at least hoping we might see some new merchandise displayed at least
  4. I would like to get all of them if possible. Which depends on the money I have
  5. Exploring the World and seeing all the awesomeness and detail. Characters, story, fighting, keyblades etc. are all thing I'm looking forward too. I love this series all over
  6. saintsghost

    Which was your favorite E3 show?

    While there titles Im interested in, this year was sorta 'meh' for me?
  7. I voted for the first one because it started it all. But I love all of the others too. Very fun. Fantastic Franchise/Series. I have not seen Dead Men Tell No Tales yet tho, hopping to see it Sunday. Very Excited!!!!!
  8. saintsghost

    What Christmas gift(s) did you get?

    I also got a LOT of books
  9. I want to see a play arts of Aqua very badly, which is why I voted for that. But I'd love to see all of the above. I REALLY want them to announce for Japan, US & the rest of the world a collectors edition for 2.8
  10. I think a cameo of a few characters, maybe a keyblade or secret boss something is possible. It's hard to say what they will add, they are quite surprising at times
  11. Loved the movie! Also love everything I've seen for the parks for the new section! Wether you've seen the movie or not I think everyone will love what the new addition to the park has to offer! I'm excite to see everything! And I'm super excited for the merchandise! From what I hear at night it all lights up (even the ground) is awesome! The environment is also supposed to be very interactive! I'm psyched for this!!
  12. saintsghost

    Which one-off Pixar movie should get a sequel?

    Honestly all of those would be good to see sequels for. I did pick A Bugs Life, because it was one of the early Pixar films.
  13. I'm hoping to get a few of those games
  14. The problem with Disney is I love pretty much all their films. I'm a major fan since childhood. I love Disney and hope they keep getting better and better