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SoraVen Roxas???

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  1. In terms of visual performance and controls, I would love to see Atlantica come back!!! Imagine those underwater locations in a gorgeous and rich environment!!!
  2. Look at those girls, isn't it clear!? That Ariel is my favorite Princess? Wouldn't you think she's the girl, the girl who has everything?
  3. So many.. Dearly Beloved Fate of the unknown Aqua Ventus Always on my mind Kairi I, II, III (first game) Musique pour la tristesse de Xion Vector of heavens Lazy Afternoons Isn't it lovely to name a few
  4. Yeah I know you are right!!! Square Enix is one of the best in terms of that But they should also focus on the details!!!!
  5. Seriously guys, Sora new look is terrible It seems plastic, very computer looking, the models 'didn't' change, only the texture, what I mean is that they changed sora model but only the hair and clothes, other than that nothing's changed.. Their eyes should transmit life, but is only a texture And the luminous engine was a better choice, the pavement in Olympus coliseum is only painted and does not look grass at all Tangled world is beautiful and seems alive, at least there's wind blowing I would like to see birds flying anyway
  6. Well, since we're doing this... Atlantica in KH2 and the fighting/swimming system in that world Flying system in Neverland The lack of life in the characters face ( and it doesn't seem that's going to change: I mean look at the new Sora and Goofy when they get into the Tangle world) The 'new' Sora Lack of population and living beings (birds, fishes, etc.. ) in the worlds How keyblades disappear when the game change ( all but oblivion and oathkeeper) Time travel How the story is inconsistent and how they loose track of it Alice being a Princess of Heart (really???) How Kairi is unimportant to the story, basically... How Riku is suddenly more important than Sora More will come...
  7. It would be awesome if it was an ADVENTURE With BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS game!!!http://www.kotaku.com.au/2013/01/if-there-was-a-pokemon-game-on-the-wii-u-it-might-look-like-this/
  8. Good question!!!! I never understood the reason why they are similar, and what purpose is there for them, AND why one of them is freom the realm of light and the other from the realm of darkness... Because, there are SO MANY other keybladesss... :S
  9. For old worlds, I'd go with two specifically : OF COURSE MY FAV: Atlantica (not the Musical hated that, but with fighting ) Agrabah Beast's Castle (Gaston is a must character) Traverse Town If they could have an agreement: Deep Jungle!!!
  10. Will atlantica return with amazing graphics and as a playable world?

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    2. Sora96


      Everything you both mentioned.

    3. Nero Kunivas

      Nero Kunivas

      No. Screw Atlantica.

    4. SoraVen Roxas???

      SoraVen Roxas???

      Everyone has their own opinion.. Let them choose. I still think that it is an amazing world where we can do so much, the gameplay is different, so what? It's challenging and a good player likes that.. I'm not talking about the singing thing, but the fighting level and I rather become a good player, playing lot's of different ways, than to do the same thing. They just need to make some adjustments to the way the player plays the level. Enough said!

  11. FFXV looks really amazing, that's true. BUT it's not like CGI graphics.. It's slightly better than FFXIII but not THAT MUCH better.. Get real people.. FFXV is good but for a PS4 game it should be tremendously amazing.. The graphics in these new games SHOULD have all CGI quality!!! In a way that you can't even see a difference between gameplay and cutscenes!!! That's what I want to expect, but my hopes are really down on this! But, I'm open to swallow my pride and apologize if the other way happens!!But for me, my opinion remains: Not better or like the video, but Much better than the previous games, of course!!!
  12. Sorry to say this, but lets be realistic.. It's a miracle if the graphics are this good.. Most of the graphics for Ps4 haven't changed much from the Ps3.. So I think that the graphics won't be that good.. Close to it, but not that good..
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