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  1. I miss seeing this guys posts around.....*sigh*

  2. 59 members online... yeah I'm out. #buttstalking.

  3. Tite Kubo is considered the leading troll of all mangaka. He has the power to turn down the decisions of the higher-ups and they don't dare to mess with him, unlike Akira Toriyama who they always told to change the story. He is the most powerful character in Bleach since he can make anything happen and he thinks he's funny by showing his huge ego in the character Sosuke Aizen. Sosuke Aizen is his anime counterpart. Tite Kubo even has his own zanpakuto. It's called "Plotkai". His Shikai Special Ability is "Troll". I reccomend you all read the manga. In every chapter, this is basicly what went down: Ichigo: I will defeat you Aizen: Don't be talking boy *a wild Yamamoto appears, he uses Ryuujin Jakka* Yamamoto: You're finished boy! Aizen: Oh Captain Yamamoto, by all means, it is quite the contrary. *Wonderweiss appears and turns into a giant fire extinguisher* Reader's Response: What the firetruck!?!?!?!?!? The yellow-haired kid is a fire extinguisher. Yamamoto: Hahaha Aizen. I see what ya did there boi. Shenanigans, shenanigans. Tsk, tsk, tsk. When will they ever learn. Aizen: Quite the contrary, look behind you. Yamamoto: WHAT THE firetruck!? *wild Yamamoto is defeated* Aizen: Ahahahajajajajajaja. Once again, I win. Ajajajaja. Yamamoto: You foolish boi. Aizen: DA FUQ!? *wild Yamamoto sacrifices arm to defeat Aizen* Aizen: Uhm, okay? Nothing happened to me so.... trololololololo. *Ichigo appears* Aizen: We meet again boy. Ichigo: I will defeat you! Aizen: Can you really defeat me? Think deep down Itsygo, could you really hate me? *Aizen makes troll face* Ichigo: *WTF!? Expression for about one whole chapter* Isshin: U really b talkn 2 much shizz Aizen *fingers Aizen* Aizen: /gasp/ Have I really been defeated? nope. ajajajajaja. *Urahara and Yoruichi appear* Aizen: Hello friends, family, enemies, subordinates, and Urahara Kisuke. Today is a special day. I shall evolve and transcend god. If there's anyone I'd like to thank for helping me accomplish this it would Tite Kubo, my real life counterpart. Thanks to his zanpakuto: Plotkai and shikai special ability: Troll, I can do whatever in the bloody firetruck I want. Ajajajajaja. *Aizen defeats everyone* Aizen: /walking down a street in fake Karakura town to Soul Society like a gangsta/ Yeauugh boi. No one can defeat me. I am invincible. With the leading troll of all mangaka on my side, no one will dare to mess with me. *Ichigo gets random power-up and arrives to Soul Society* Ichigo: Arigatou Isshin, Shado-Kun, Ino- Aizen: We meet again boi. Looks like you failed to evolve. Ajajajajaja. Chapter 1: *Aizen is defeated* Aizen: It appears I have been defeated. WAIT. WHAT'S THIS? I CAN TRANSFORM INTO A BUTTERFLY! Ichigo: http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sleep.png *Aizen is defeated once again* Aizen: Noooo! Bakana! I can't be defeated! What happened Tite Kubo!? You're supposed to be on MY side. Tite Kubo: Don't worry Aizen. In the next chapter that wound won't even hurt anymore and you'll get another power boost. I am using Plotkai after all. Trololololololo. Aizen: Oh sweet! Leave it to you Tite Kubo, the leading troll of all mangaka to troll the millions of fans. Ajajajajajajajajaja. Tite Kubo: Trololololololololo Aizen: Ajajajajajajajajaja
  4. BTW, I realize my topic post has a lot of typos and incorrect spelling. I'm typing this all on my iPhone so I can't correct anything. Sorry ):
  5. Well the anime is on a current hiatus and the manga isn't ending until 5 more years so when Bleach anime comes back...it'll probably last until 2018-2019. If they wait until the manga finishes in 2017 than the anime will end in 2022 so I would say Bleach is far from over.
  6. A lot of people think Bleach sucks. Well in a way, their right. Bleach quite possibly has the worst storyline in any Shounen Jump manga yet. I've read and watched A LOT of Shounen Jump series but haven't seen one that was quite as terrible as Bleach. Dragon Ball Z has a horrible plot as well but it's old. The series is over so why bother complaining about it? Why you might not want to watch Bleach: 1. The Storyline/Plot Bleach has a terrible storyline as I said. A lot of people try to avoid it and even call it a bad anime. To be honest, I don't completley disagree with them. Bleach was unique, new, fresh during it's debut as a Shounen Jump series in 2001. The story is about a 15 year old named Kurosaki Ichigo who comes across a shinigami named Kuchiki Rukia. In an attempt to defeat the hollow, the series main antagonists, Rukia gave her shinigami powers to Ichigo, a human. His promise was to use his powers only to help his friends and family but later begun saving others and using his zanpakuto to send spirits to Hell or Soul Society. Ichigo basicly was doing all the tasks and using all the powers of a shinigami. This part of the series was actually good and there were no plot holes. Everything was explained accuratley and made sense. Ichigo's friends who become the main protagonists of the plot (Chad, Orihime, Ishida). The story was very interesting and it drove people to keep reading/watching Bleach. Some may even argue this was the best part of Bleach. Kuchiki Byakuya, Rukia's older brother and captain of Soul Socities' 6th Squd comes along with his vice-captain Abarai Renji to bring Rukia back to Soul Society and excecute her for her heinous crime of giving Ichigo shinigami powers. Ichigo along with his friends later come to Soul Society to rescue Rukia. The series just got totally epic and 10x more interesting here. The Gotei 13's captains were introduced as well as a whole bunch of other characters, some of which were sadly forgotten. Ichigo fights his way to Rukia and eventually saves her from the Sokyoku's wrath of 1000 zanpakuto. The main villain of the series, Sosuke Aizen makes his first move and reveals he has a few other traitors to the Gotei 13 on his side. He retrieves the Hogyoku from Rukia with hopes of transcending god and all others. A group of Menos (higher class hollow) come to bring Aizen and his subordinates, Ichimaru Gin and Kaname Tousen to Hueco Mundo (Hollow World). The main villain of the series is revealed. The very beginning of the series was it's only plot and real storyline. Everything connected, absoloutley no plot holes. The characters were epic, awesome, and interesting, unlike the main protagonists of the story. After the Soul Society arc ended, Bleach became shit, garbage, and a series not worth paying attention to. I'm not gonna say much about the Bount arc because it was filler but this is where the anime got terrible. So many plot holes.. nothing made sense. Now for the Arrancar arc. As we all know, this is when Bleach died. Nothing in the Arrancar arc made sense. With every flashback or explanation of something, there were plot holes. Nothing made sense. I'm sure a lot of people were scratching their heads saying "What the firetruck?". Tite Kubo never knew how to handle such an epic plot as Bleach. The Arrancar arc is where the series went downhill. The first issue I'd like to bring up about it was the time and occurence of everything that happened. This was never made clear so a lot of people wonder when this or that happened. Tite Kubo always contradicts himself whenever a flashback at Hueco Mundo is shown becase there are many details that aren't specified. Next would be the power level of the characters. I'm quite sure Tite Kubo doesn't put much consideration or thought into the series plot. The power levels of certain characters makes no sense at certain times. First of all, Captain Hitsuguya stated that Vasto Lorde class Hollow are stronger than normal captains and that if Aizen had 10 Vasto Lorde class Hollow under his control then Soul Society would be doomed. In the real story, he didn't confirm any Vasto Lorde besides Tier Hallibel. Barragan, Starrk, and Ulquiorra were always thought to be Vasto Lorde class because they are the top four Espada. Tite Kubo did explain that Ulquiorra was a Vasto Lorde in this data book that no one probably even knows about or cares to read and gave him a fail story since he was too lazy to write one up in the series. One thing that no one ever brings up is how he's able to have a second resseruction (Segunda Etapa) and why no one else is able to. The fact that not even Aizen knew about it makes no sense as well. Now I'd like to say more about the power levels and outcome of battles. When Kubo makes these decisions, it all depends on the time of day, weather, brightness of the sun and his mood. I guess all the shinigami magicly got so powerful over the few months of training. Once again, Kubo ruins Bleach's storyline. Fourth, I'd like to say a bit about the character development towards the Arancar arc. To break it down to y'all noboby develops or changes. Ichigo is the same, Orihime, Chad, Ishida are the same, the shinigami are all the same. No one develops. Rukia is maybe the only interesting character who develos. 5th would be the main protagonist of the series, Sosuke Aizen. His zanpakuto, Kyoka Suigetsu makes him invincible. His shikai special ability is "Complete Hypnosis". It allows him to control all 5 senses and create illusions of a false reality. The powers of Kyoka Suigetsu far surpass any genjutsu from Naruto or any Uchiha member's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. He is a god. No one could defeat him with Kyoka Suigetsu. I argue that he is the series' strongest character. Aizen admit that captain-commander Genryusai Yamamoto's zanpakuto; Ryuujin Jakka is without a doubt the strongest zanpakuto. But looking at Kyoka Suigetsu's abilities, he's pretty much contradicting himself. He was a god with his almighty zanpakuto but still believed he had not yet surpassed a god and used the Hogyoku's powers to transcend both Hollow and Shinigami. The only reason why he lost is because he didn't use Kyoka Suigetsu on Ichigo. Aizen's defeat was absoloutley the most dissapointing, pathetic ending of any anime villain. Not to mention, his final showdown with Ichigo sucked. The battle was way too short and in the end, Urahara won. Aizen actually would've killed Urahara if it wasn't for that cliche kido spell Urahara put on him. Tite Kubo said he didn't know how to end the Arrancar arc... this is just proof that he's a bad writer. The only reason why people even watch Bleach is because it's entertaining. Other then that, there aren't too many good reasons to watch Bleach. Even Shounen Jump believes Tite Kubo is a troll and the series is complete garbage. They already told him if he doesn't create and profitable manga then they would fire him. He's extended the new 1000 Year Bloodwar arc to 5 years so he clearly thinks he has 5 years before Shounen Jump makes their final decision but he really has 1-2 at most. Like I already said, the only reason why Bleach is so popular is because it's entertaining, not because of the plot. Tite Kubo is getting paid so much money for writing this garbage that it's not even funny. This is why Bleach sucks and in case anyone was wondering, I am a fan of Bleach so if you say "oh genuis, I have a brilliant idea then you obviously didn't take the time to read my post. Also, I made the title "Why Bleach Sucks/Tite Kubo is a troll" so when people search up "Bleach sucks" they'll see this page on their search engine and view it, just so ya know. I'd like some worthwhile discussion about Bleach here.
  7. Nice try bro. The series still sucks.
  8. The only plot elments about Kingdom Hearts is the whole soul, body, Nobody, and Lingering Sentiment concept. But unless you have no life you wouldn't be able to understand or explain the game's plot to anyone. And the plot isn't silly. It just makes no sense.
  9. It's not a theory and all or at least most Disney movies describe what country their in. Example: Hercules = Greek Mulan = China The Hunchback of Notre Dame = France Tarzan = Africa
  10. I never denied that and the anime's return is beyond inevitable at this point.
  11. The plot is garbage and full of holes. Natsu doesn't change at all throughout the story. It's too simple and childish but I still reccomend watching/reading it if you're into Bleach, Naruto, and Dragon Ball. Epic fights and soundtracks.
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