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  1. Khrulesbbs

    Kingdom Hearts: Bippity Boppity Boo Dark Ver.

    I meant if the creator of the fan game would let me
  2. Khrulesbbs

    Kingdom Hearts: Bippity Boppity Boo Dark Ver.

    Check my youtube and you will be happy I actually have done one. It's for a fan game so ill see if im allowed to post it
  3. Another Dark Realm piece for you all to enjoy
  4. Khrulesbbs

    Another Dark Realm Fan Theme !

    I got another Dark Realm Arrangement for you guys! I hope you enjoy it during the dry season of KH info! Let me know what you think
  5. Khrulesbbs

    What does Marluxia whisper to Sora?

    the mouthing changes based on region so id assume its the line " you can still hope" from re com which he used when doom hit 0 which would make sense
  6. If you don't love the battle themes you're crazy tbh. :wink:
  7. Khrulesbbs

    The Home of Dragons Dark Ver.

    Hey guys! Like my last post I felt inspired by Yoko to make another Dark Realm piece for a new world. I really hope you guys enjoy!
  8. We also know that square often shows us ingame footage from earlier versions of the game not the most up to date. Honestly they probably just don't want to spoil a bunch of worlds and info.
  9. Yea i lost the password and ty ty. I might make this a series of dark realm themes. Currently working on home of the dragons. I also have a "Case of the fortellers" and "Luxu" battle theme ill be releasing soon If you want some cc just hit me up ill let you know
  10. A Dark World imagined version of the Olympus themes. Hopefully you guys enjoy
  11. Khrulesbbs

    KH 2.8 Box Art (FanMade)

    Actually looks pretty legit tbh
  12. Khrulesbbs

    Is the unreal 4 engine at fault here?

    They swapped engines late in the game, and sometimes things get changed
  13. Maybe if it wasn't the same area's shown in every kh3 trailer i would have cared but it was overall quite underwhelming.